Winter Warmers: Lentil Soup Recipe

I made this soup once before during summer and decided it was time to start making it again now that it’s getting colder outside! This is literally one of the easiest recipes you will EVER, yes, EVER come across. Even my flatmate who never ever cooks found this recipe easy to follow and it is almost impossible to screw up. So for all you beginner cooks and students who have decided you need some real food – this babys for you!

You will need:

160g Red Lentils

Two onions

600g Carrots grated
2 medium sized potatoes grated

Salt and Pepper
2 litres vegetable stock
2 Celery sticks (optional)

Start off by finely chopping the onions and browning them in a large pot. Once browned add everything else in season and bring to the boil. Reduce to a simmer and leave for 15-20mins (or until everything looks mushy – yum.).

Once cooked season again and blend to your desired consistency. I like mine to be not entirely smooth so blend it until it’s about three quarters done but my flatmate had hers completely smooth and it was equally yummy – it’s really down to preference.

Serve with some wholemeal toast and enjoy!

This recipe did me about 6 servings when I ate it with toast. I ate a couple of bowls and then put the rest in the freezer for the next week so I didn’t get too bored of it. This recipe is incredibly basic which is brilliant if you just want a quick meal or don’t cook regularly but it can easily be built upon with a number of things such as chillies, grilled bacon, curry powder you name it – make it you own!

This recipe is super super healthy it’s low in fat, high in fibre, Vitamin A and iron and most importantly it tastes amazing.

So there you have it! What abut you guys? Do you think you might try this recipe? If you do I’d love to hear from you!

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