Winter Wanderlust – Turkey

My time in America this summer well and truly made me fall
in love with travelling. There are few things that compare to the excitement of
a new city and spending days getting acquainted (or in my case lost) in a new
setting. Especially as we head into winter and not just any winter, but a
bitter Scottish one, it seems that when I’m not daydreaming about my travels
gone by I’m mapping out my next adventure.

After finishing uni I’ve got big plans to go on a Eurotrip
and one of the places on my list to visit is the Eurasian country of Turkey.
It’s a place I’ve heard a lot of great stories about from my friends, but
haven’t yet had the chance to venture out myself, so I’ve teamed up with First Choice* to give you the top reason why I’d
love to visit.

While I’m sure everyone has different reasons that Turkey
appeals to them, perhaps the great weather or the appeal of a quick get away,
for me I’m drawn in by the fact that it’s incredibly culturally diverse, straddling
both Europe and Asia to form one country. 

Especially during the summer there are loads of local
festivals on from film and theatre to my personal favourite of music. A few
years ago I went to my first festival abroad and it was definitely an
experience to remember, there’s something about a lack of mud that makes it ten
times more exciting!

On a student budget it’s hard not to let money get in the
way of travel plans but in Turkey the average local restaurant meal costs just
£4, not to mention all the great authentic Turkish street food on offer

If you speak to any of my friends they’ll tell you I’m a
total sucker for a good deal and as well as the food and the obvious attractor
of the warm weather (around 20 degrees this time of year!), I’ve heard Turkey
has some great street markets where you can haggle to your hearts content.

Lastly, in case you were worried I’d written a blog post
about Turkey without mentioning the infamous baths – don’t worry I haven’t
forgotten! The mud baths in Turkey are something of legend. Imagine your
favourite face mask combined with your best exfoliator.

That good.

What about you guys? Have you ever been to Turkey before?
Where’s next on your adventure list?

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