Winter Skin Revival

Without sounding like I’m bragging – I have always been complimented on my skin, once my flatmate just sat stroking my face for five minutes. Most of the time it is lovely and smooth and doesn’t even require me to even it out with foundation. But come Winter it’s a whole different story, and there’s little stopping me from recoiling in horror when I look at my weathered skin in the mirror.

My skin is dry, spotty, blotchy and everything you would wish for your skin not to be. I am blaming one culprit and one culprit only – the cold. Less moisture in the air and increased central heating inside leads to major skin drying and my normal skin care routine just isn’t enough to repair/prevent the damage. This climate change also has a drying effect on our lips which leaves them chapped, flaky and desperate for attention and no one wants that.

 So keep reading for some tips keep your skin in top condition this Winter!

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