When Quitting Isn’t Quitting

In my last post I mentioned that I had taken some time out of blogging for a few reasons. Namely, university and actually wanting to leave with a degree.

I’m delighted to say that I will in fact be graduating this year and not just with any degree, but a First. Class. Honours.

I’m happy to be graduating (partly because I’d already picked out a dress so it would have been pretty awkward if I didn’t…), but a part of me is deeply saddened to be leaving this chapter behind. I’ve had somewhat of a turbulent journey on the uni front and I have to admit there were points when I just wanted to give up. There were days when I just couldn’t get out of bed and there were days when I was convinced I didn’t have it in me. And I’m sure every student can relate to this!

While I’m glad I did stay and ultimately I did really enjoy what I was doing, I also know uni isn’t for everyone. It’s drilled into you that uni is the only option after school and if you don’t go on to do that, then, well you’ve wasted your education. 

I don’t believe that. Not for a second.

I’ve had a few friends drop out of uni over the past couple of years and I must admit initially I was one of those same people I’m now berating.  Encouraging my friends to commit themselves to something that their heart just wasn’t in. 

If I’ve learnt anything over the past 21 years of my existence it’s that you should never do something just to avoid the disappointment of others because in the long run it’s going to be you that pays for it. In most situations your gut instinct is right and if something feels off the reality is that, well, it probably is. 

So if you are reading this and are currently facing a difficult decision in life – be it uni or otherwise – this is my advice to you: 

Embrace your life with open arms and never be afraid to be a little bit selfish. Because you know what? 

It’s your life and you’ve earned it.

What about you guys? Has anyone had thoughts about dropping out of uni? How did you deal with it and what advice would you give others? Let me know!

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