Ever since I came back from Amsterdam earlier this year, I have had an overwhelming urge to travel. So many people I met on the trip had been travelling all over Europe and hearing about their experiences got me thinking about going on my own.

 Of course one of the biggest factors stopping me from this dream is money, but I still have a few months to go until summer so what’s to say I couldn’t make enough to go on a reasonably cheap trip or even better find some work over there!

The other thing stopping me is the current job market, and with the way it’s going I need to build up as much experience as I possibly can before I graduate and do I really have the time/money (that old problem again gah!) to do both?

Where would you go? you ask, anywhere warm. I absolutely despise the cold I stay holed up in a little ball in my room ’til the sun comes out like some sort of confused vampire and that is not how I want to spend my experience abroad.

Here are a collection of worldly pictures I’ve been gathering on my Pinterst board – enjoy!

All image credit can be found on my Pinterest board.

What about you guys? Have you been travelling before? Would you like to go? Let me know!

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