Urban Decay Blogger Event

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a blogging event hosted by the lovely ladies over at Urban Decay in the Trinity Centre Debenhams. Having misread my schedule I was slightly worried as to how I was going to make it – I had an eight hour shift beforehand and a two hour shift after but luckily I was given an hour off work to go prepare myself.

After rushing through town I arrived at the event with minutes to spare, so I said my quick hellos, grabbed a glass of bubbly and perched on the nearest seat just as the Urban Decay girls got started on a make-up demonstration.

Urban Decay make up demonstration

 I always curse myself for wearing make up to these things, as I so want to be the dummy! Next time… Anyway… as each product was applied we were talked through what it did and special ingredients if there were any. I was particularly fascinated to learn that all their make-up brushes were made of recycled aluminium for the handles, and plastic bottles for the bristles. Who’d have thought?

After the demonstration we were let loose on the products and given the chance to ask questions and receive a mini makeover with any products that caught our eye.

Urban Decay Eyeshadows

Urban Decay liners and eyeshadows

Urban Decay De Slick setting spray

One of the ladies (I’m sorry the name escapes me!) suggested this deep coral lipstick for me in the shade ‘Manic’ from the new Revolution lip range and I was eager to try it on, even more so when she told me I would be the first in Aberdeen to do so as they were not even released in store yet!

Urban Decay Revolution Streak lipstick

Urban Decay Revolution Streak lipstick

Isn’t it gorgeous?! I topped it with some pink lipgloss as I’m a bit of a lipgloss fiend at the minute and this sparked a discussion between us all about wearing lipgloss. Turns out most of the girls tend to stay away from it, but not me I’ll always stay faithful!

I was also really impressed by the shadows and eye pencils, there is such a wide range of colours which means there is literally a colour to suit everyone. I tried on some of the new Moondust eyeshadow which they described as ‘a glitter shadow for grown-ups’ the colours are gorgeous but I think it was a bit too much for me. 

However I loved their eyeshadow kits especially the ‘Smoked’ one as the colour is so so intense even with just a small amount applied.

I spent the rest of the time catching up, eating muffins and encouraging everyone to buy products. Bloggers are notorious for being a bad influence on each others bank balances – this is why.

Urban Decay testing make up

Urban Decay blogger event food

Urban Decay mirror

What about you guys? What are your favourite Urban Decay products? Let me know!

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