Travel Diaries #3: Settling in to San Diego

Moving to San Diego (my flatmate says it’s not technically moving, but 11 weeks constitutes as long enough to say moving for me) has undoubtedly been one of the most nerve wracking things I’ve ever done. The week before I left I stupidly overworked myself to the point where a day before I was due to leave I had a meltdown in Asda because I couldn’t decide on a suitcase. For leaving. The next day. As it got closer to the time these feelings didn’t go away and I began to get more and more anxious worrying about insignificant things, or creating ridiculous situations to worry about. I’m not a nervous person, I’m not a particularly scared person, but there was something about this particular adventure that had an effect on me.

I’m very fortunate in that I have a great group of friends
who were there to support me right up until I got on the plane, my flatmate
even queued with me to check in my baggage (what a darling), but after that I
was on my own (or at least in my mind I was) and I think that was the part that
scared me. I’ve now been living in San Diego for two weeks and I can confirm
that about 99% of the things I was worrying about did not happen. The weather
is beautiful, I’m staying with three other interns who I feel like I’ve known
my whole life and I’m getting to experience so many new things. Do I have
moments when I miss the UK? Yes, but not to the point where I’m overwhelmed and
out of control of my emotions and I think it’s only natural to miss friends and

So if you’re ever travelling to a strange country or
embarking on a new adventure and you feel overwhelmed please remember this:

– There are few things that can’t be fixed
– As long as you’ve got your passport you can buy anything you’ve forgotten there 

– Your friends and family are only a Skype away

– You will meet some amazing people

– Lists make everything better

– So does wine.

What about you guys? Have you ever felt like this before a
big trip? What would your advice be? Let me know!

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