Top 8 Swimsuit Picks for Summer 2014

top 8 swimsuit picks for summer 2014

top 8 swimsuit picks for summer 2014


This year I have the pleasure of spending my summer in sunny San Diego where, unlike British summertime, swimwear can actually be worn outdoors without fear of a dramatic weather change minutes later. Naturally the promise of glorious sunshine got me thinking about what kind of clothes to pack/looking for any reason to justify shopping, especially in terms of beach wear, so after much deliberation I’ve compiled my top 8 swimsuit picks for summer 2014.

In recent years the swimsuit has successfully won it’s way back in to the hearts of fashionistas everywhere and with an increasing number of styles available; strapless, cutout, backless – you name it – I see no reason not to own at least one. If body shape is more your concern then learn your body and dress accordingly. My swimsuit picks are things I’d love to own and would wear myself, but I’ve also made sure there is something in there to suit everyone.

Small chested? You can get away with plunging necklines without people assuming you’re a stripper on her lunch break. A little bit heavier? Steer away from garish colours and opt for monochrome, who ever said you can’t wear black in summer is a liar. Boyish figure? Go seventies and rock those florals. Remember guys this is just a general guide, don’t be afraid to break the rules because ultimately it’s your body, you see it everyday and you know it best!

Finally, a personal highlight of the swimsuit for me is that you can just throw on a skirt or a pair of shorts and voila – it’s suddenly acceptable as an outfit. Witchcraft of the highest form, but shh you didn’t hear it from me…

What about you guys? Which of my swimsuit picks do you like the best? Are you rocking swimsuits in the sun or something else? Let me know!

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