Top 3 Reasons to Visit San Diego

I’ve been living and working in San Diego for almost two months now and the time has sped by. This city continues to grow on me and the more time I spend here the more things I find to do that make me appreciate it even more. If you’re planning a trip to America you just have to visit, and while it’s not in as many films as New York or Vegas this beautiful beach city still has a hell of a lot to offer and to prove it I’ve compiled my top 3 reasons to visit San Diego in to one handy blog post.

top 3 reasons to visit San Diego Balboa Park

top 3 reasons to visit San Diego Balboa Park

Culture – Just a short drive from Mexico, San Diego has influences of both American and Mexican culture and as a result of this the city also boasts the most delicious tacos you will ever have the pleasure of eating. In terms of things to do here San Diego also has several historic parks, one of the most famous Zoo’s in America and some stunning beaches. Touching on that last point if you’re feeling adventurous you can also head to Black’s Beach – the largest nudest beach in America. We accidentally stumbled across it (truthfully it was an accident!) and it was certainly an experience.

top 3 reasons to visit San Diego Mexican food

top 3 reasons to visit San Diego tacos

The Food – I’ve already touched on this but it definitely warrants being looked at in further detail. I recently found one of the best restaurants in San Diego and you just have to know about it. The Crab Hut is a San Diego local restaurant that serves everything from crab to lobster. After you finally decide what you’re going to dig in to the food is cooked and served to you in little plastic bags. With bibs and fingers at the ready you tuck in to your delicious (and messy) feast right there on the paper table cloth – no plates or nothing. It’s fantastic.

The People – I’m not sure whether it’s American people in general or just San Diegans, but ever since I arrived here I’ve felt so welcomed in to this country. It’s always a little nerve wracking relocating, especially when it’s on the other side of the world. Here my nerves have been replaced with excitement. Who will I meet? What hidden local treasures will I come across? My work colleagues have invited me out on various dinners, lunches and social occasions and even at our apartments people have been so friendly. In the short time since I’ve been here I feel so grateful and lucky to have met so many genuinely lovely people (although I’m not sure American’s would say the same about Aberdeen!)

What about you guys? What are your favourite places to visit and what makes them so special? Let me know!

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