‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

It’s that time of year again! So thought I better start getting in the Christmas spirit so I pinched this tag from Ellie. I tag everyone and if you do it please leave a comment with the link so I can check yours out too!

Whats Your Favorite Holiday Movie? Love Actually! Such a feel good film and always gets me in the Christmas mood.

Whats Your Favorite Christmas Color? Hmm, I would have to say gold! A gold party dress and you’re good to go!

 Do You Like To Stay in Your PJs Or Dress Up For Christmas? Ooh thats a hard one! Maybe get dressed up for Christmas eve for a few pre Christmas cocktails and then on Christmas lounge around in PJ’s or a onesie!

 If You Could Only Buy One Person a Present This Year Who Would It Be? I think it would have to be my big sister, she totally spoiled me on my birthday (Faux leather jacket, Body Shop hamper, Bobbi Brown lipstick and a lovely bracelet which she took back because it went with her outfit hmmph!) so I want to make it up to her!

 Do You Open Your Present Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning? When I was younger I used to open one on Christmas eve and then the rest on Christmas. But I think now that I can contain my excitement I just open them all on Christmas day!

Have You Ever Built a Ginger Bread House? Never! I don’t think I’ve even made gingerbread… ooh maybe I should do that this year!

What Do You Like To Do On Your Christmas Break? Catching up with friends and family that I haven’t seen for ages! But this year I don’t think I’m going to see so many people with uni revision and I’m off to Amsterdam for new year.

Any Christmas Wishes? My boyfriend is joining me for Christmas and he doesn’t really celebrate Christmas so I hope that he has a good time!

 Favorite Christmas Smell? Mmm the smell of mulled wine and orangey type smells!

Favorite Christmas Meal Or Treat? CHRISTMAS DINNER of course. Although I love the odd mince pie too, I’ve gone through six in the past few days, I’m so bad!

Don’t forget to leave me links to your tags if you do one!