Three Reasons to Start Your Own Blog!

Last Thursday my little old blog turned one, can you believe it?  It sounds so cheesy but I am still humbled by every page view, comment and follower. I’m every bit as excited as I was on day one – some days ten times more!

During the past year I’ve noticed that a considerable amount of my friends/colleagues who have taken the plunge or are considering starting their own blog. And also several who have abandoned the idea completely because they don’t think they’re ‘good enough’. Personally, I don’t think there is such thing as being ‘good enough’ to blog, like everything else in life you learn as you go along!

 So if you’re thinking about starting a blog or already have and are questioning your abilities – keep reading for my top three reasons to start your own blog!

You become part of a community

There is no doubt about it, starting your own blog is definitely very scary. What if no one reads it? What if no one likes it? These were just some of the thoughts swimming around in my head when I first started, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in thinking this way!

Soon enough though you’ll come to see that blogging is an incredibly friendly community full of lovely people just waiting to give you advice and spur you on. I’ll always remember how helpful Kate was when I first started my blog – answering all my emails, giving me tips of her own and to this day I’m still in touch and incredibly grateful for her continued support.

As well as chatting to bloggers online your blog also gives you the opportunity to attend specialist events and these are a great way to actively get involved in the blog community. Where I live there is a group set up specifically for bloggers in my area and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting people whose paths I may never have otherwise crossed.

You improve your writing

Speak to just about any blogger and they’ll tell you how much they cringe when reading their first posts. Your writing style is something that develops over time and it’s incredible to look back over your work and see how far you’ve come. Without even thinking about it you tailor your writing to reflect your voice and that is what takes your blog to the next level.

Especially if you’re interested in pursuing a writing based career, starting your own blog is excellent for improving your skills. And it’s not only your writing that improves, but also a whole host of other things including your photography, organisation and business skills.

You gain a competitive edge

Some people choose to keep their blogs private and that is completely fine – after all it is your blog. However should you choose to include your blog on your LinkedIn, university applications etc you are giving yourself a huge advantage. Among other things your blog demonstrates your ability to effectively manage and grow your brand, establish yourself as an expert in your field and most importantly… it sets you apart! 

In all of my job interviews since I’ve started to include my blog on my CV it has been a major talking point. It’s intriguing to people and may just be the difference between you and the next candidate.

What do you think are good reasons to start a blog? Have you recently started a blog? Leave me a link so I can have a look!

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