The Next Stop Is… Aberdeen: Back to London

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

On arriving in London my initial plan was
to get the train back to Sheffield and then go back to Aberdeen a couple of
days later. However on finding out how expensive it would be (£50!!) decided this was not
the best idea! Fortunately my boyfriend, Taba, was in London for the weekend
staying with some friends so he invited me to stay with him.

I was so relieved to see him and be back
from my Bestival nightmare so when he came and met me off the tube we just
stood hugging in the middle of the street like one of those cheesy couples I’ve
always vowed never to be like! On getting back to his friends’ house his sister
was there also and she handed me a small glass of champagne as everyone was
celebrating her birthday. 
I was hungry and tired and not really in the mood to
celebrate but agreed to go out for dinner with everyone

Dinner was really nice – we went to a grill
which considering his sister was a vegetarian was a bit of an odd choice. I had
some dish that involved a hunk of beautifully cooked beef, tobacco onion rings
and chips twice cooked in beef dripping. Being ill though I could only manage
to eat the meat and handed out the rest of my food to anyone on the table who
would take it. I ordered a frozen margarita, not realizing the main component
of it was my arch nemesis – tequila. The drink was offered to everyone else

After dinner everyone was up for going out
and getting drunk but after 5 days of sleeping on sofas and tent floors all I
wanted to do was curl up in bed. Taba walked me home and stumbled back in,
might I add considerably merrier, seven hours later.

The next day everyone was very hungover so I went and met Zoe at London Bridge in the
afternoon to pick up a bag I’d left at hers. When I returned back to Taba’s friends
house an hour later everyone was still vegetating. By the evening most people had
recovered and we went for a drink before meeting up with his mum and sister for
dinner at a little Thai restaurant.

perked me right up as you just can’t beat a Thai soup! I had Tom Young Goong (A
hot and sour soup with prawns) for my starter and a classic green curry for my
main. I’m a bit of a green curry fiend so that’s usually what I get when we go
for a Thai. It was the first time I’d officially met Taba’s mum but she was
lovely and I think we got on really well. When we said our goodbyes she gave me
a big hug and told me to take care of him, I will try my best!

When we got back to his friend’s we stayed
up talking for a little while then decided to have a nap before going out for
more drinks later. We didn’t wake up from the nap until the next day.

Finally, on Sunday, we went for breakfast
at a little café called ‘The Duck Egg Café’ and I had a fry up with poached
duck eggs. I’d never had them before but wasn’t too impressed with my hard
poached egg so will have to try them again before I report back. In the
afternoon we said our goodbyes and I got the bus back to Sheffield.

It was a nice surprise seeing Taba before I
went back to Aberdeen as neither of us thought it was going to happen. After
spending the whole summer together it’s going to be weird being back in
Aberdeen without him but we’ll just see how it goes.