The Next Stop Is… Aberdeen: Home Sweet Home

Window view
View out of the living room window… scenic.

So finally back in Aberdeen, it’s been such a busy week so sorry for the lack of posts! Once I start getting into a routine again things will be more regular – I promise. 

I was a bit dubious about moving into my new flat as I’d never actually managed to view it beforehand (my flatmates had assured me it was beautiful), the girls I was moving in with I didn’t know all that well and one of them I hadn’t even met face to face. The flat is lovely though minus the fact we are stingy students who never have the heating on despite the near Arctic temperatures, and my increasingly uncomfortable mattress. 

While you can replace a mattress, you can’t replace your flatmates, at the moment we all get on really well although the three of us are quite different:

Anna is the blonde bubbly girl who’ll do anything for anyone.

 Lauren is the loud, Irish red head who is a workaholic by day and party girl by night.

 And finally, Becca who is the white girl with a bum that could give Beyonce’s a run for it’s money. She takes no nonsense from anyone and is either lounging around in her pyjamas, having manic hysterical laughter episodes or frantically cleaning up everyone else’s mess. All in all it works quite well!

In the past week we’ve all been really busy with work and other things so we haven’t hung out all that much but I think we all feel pretty settled in.  I’ve been really lucky with my flatmates this year as last year I was stuck in halls in an all male flat. Read more about that here

I’ll put up some flat photos when I’ve properly unpacked and yes I’ve been here over a week and half my stuff is still in suitcases!

What about you guys have you moved back for uni yet? Are you in halls or private flats? And are your flatmates nice or are they the roomies from hell?!