The End of Effy Talks Life

WOW I cannot believe how long it’s been since I last wrote on here and if you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know in the past this has taken a toll on me. However, I’ve recently reached a point where I’m okay with being a ‘bad’ blogger.

Yup, I said it.

I don’t plan my posts, my social media or spend hours editing my pictures. Sometimes I EVEN turnaround an entire post in less than an hour. On top of that, especially since I started my masters, something I’ve really struggled with is the difference between online and real-life personas. I’ve always tried to be honest on my blog and often talked about difficult topics – but I’ve also edited bits of me to be more PG 13 and to be more dare I say it… normal.

I’ve come to realise that for me part of the delight of blogging is all those bits I’m missing out and those “Efiaisms” that make my writing truly authentic. If I’m being honest I think in defining myself as a lifestyle blog I’ve often taken on more than I can handle. I mean the idea of me writing fashion posts is laughable considering there have been days when I’ve shamelessly walked to the shops in my pajamas.

What I do love is beauty both on the inside and out, exploring places in the world and on my doorstep, personal development, sharing advice, trying new things, advocating positive mental health and eating good food until my stomach hurts. I want to write with passion, belief, knowledge, and conviction and above all I value integrity. If at the end of the day it turns out that’s not what people want to see from me I can sleep happy knowing that my content is true to who I am and what I want from life.

So this may be the end of the Effy Talks Life you once knew that from time to time talked about things for the sake of, well, talking. But this is also the beginning. I truly feel like I’m just getting started and I’m really excited about this new direction. It’s my hope that you’ll join me for the ride.

What about you guys? What do you value most when reading someone else’s blog? Have you ever changed the direction of your blog? Let me know!

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