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So as you might of heard from my ‘Life’s a Beach’ blog post I’m off to America for ten and half weeks this summer and to get the most of my visit I’ve come up with a stateside bucket list of some of the top things I’d like to do while I’m there. For the first eight weeks I’m going to be carrying out an internship programme through The Saltire Foundation with three other Scottish interns (who I’ve yet to meet but have been in very excited Facebook talks with!) Our internship itself is in San Diego then after the eight weeks we’re going on to do a bit of our own travelling including San Francisco, LA and finishing in New York for our last few days. It’s been a life long ambition of mine to go to America (who wouldn’t want to go?!), but you know being a student and all money is kinda an issue. The great thing about the internship programme through The Saltire Foundation is they cover all the costs of the flights, accommodation and living for the duration of your internship so it’s just the extra two and a half weeks travelling and the costs associated with that that I have to worry about and i’s an opportunity I just could not let pass me by, no matter how broke I’m gonna be.

 It’s pretty unlikely I’ll manage to do everything on my stateside bucket list, especially as plans always tend to change, but I thought it would be fun to share it with you guys anyway and I’d love to hear your suggestions too!

See The Grand Canyon.

Go on a road trip.

Cycle round Central Park.

Step foot on the golden gate bridge.

Have a corn dog!

stateside bucket list corn dogs

Make a s’more

Visit Alcatraz.

See the stars in Hollywood (not the real ones – just the Walk of Fame although that would be a bonus!)

Go to Disneyland.

San Diego Zoo.

stateside bucket list yellow taxi

Ride in a yellow taxi (possibly whilst singing this).

Visit the World Trade Centre site.

Have a BBQ or picnic on the beach.

Visit Yosemite National Park.

What about you guys? What would be on your stateside bucket list? Is there anything you think I should add to mine? Let me know!

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