Thinking About Setting up a Custom Domain?

setting up a custom domain Go Daddy

So yesterday I took some big girl steps in the blogging world and set up a custom domain (previously now  It’s something I’ve always thought about doing, but just been way too lazy to put into practice and all I can say is if you’ve been thinking about it – stop thinking and just commit! This is the first of a series of many changes I’m making to my blog in the coming months and thought I’d shed some light on it for those of you considering setting up your own custom domain. 

The Process

I think one of the things that was holding me back from setting up a custom domain before was thinking it was going to be a long, complicated process but actually I couldn’t have been more wrong. It really was relatively quick, just over half an hour, but for some people it can take up to 48 hours so I think I got lucky.

I also was worried about how to get started but ended up combining tips from Blogger, The Wonder Forest and xGlitterbomb with absolutely no hiccups. I kind of wish I’d known about custom domains when I was first setting up my blog because I absolutely would have done it then, but better late than never!

The Cost

I’d heard a lot of good things about using Go Daddy for setting up custom domains both in terms of cost and customer service so I knew straight away that was where I wanted to buy mine from. They take you through a step by step process (again really quick and easy) and to buy my .com domain for two years it cost just £8 which works out as 66p a month – bargain!

Prices do tend to vary on how sought after your domain name is so that is on the cheaper side of things, but from what I’ve seen most seem to cost under £20.

The Benefits

It looks pretty. I love blogger I do, but it’s not attractive having ‘blogspot’ lumped in with every post. This is my piece of the internet therefore I want it to scream ‘Efia’s blog’ not ‘Hey, I’m using blogger.’ 

It’s more professional. See, screams instant professionalism. Honestly though – it does give you some credibility although this isn’t to say if you don’t have your own domain your blog is laughable, at all.

It gives you wings (not the Red Bull kind). Setting up a custom domain means should you decide Blogger isn’t the life for you – you’re not stuck on it. You OWN the name therefore you have the freedom to play the field you saucy minx, you!

So there we have it. What about you guys? What do you love about having your own domain? And if you don’t have one have you thought about it? Let me know!

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