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After travelling solo and living abroad for the past three years I’ve had the opportunity to test out HUNDREDS of different travel resources. 

It’s my mission to help you gain the confidence to travel solo. When you can do that safely AND save some $$$ in the process it’s a win for everyone. That’s why I’ve created this resource packed with the very best tried and tested travel resources that I just know are gonna rock your world. 

Disclosure – This website is a free resource. To keep it free some of the resources referred to are affiliate links. This means if you decide to make a purchase (at no extra charge to you!) I may earn a small commission that goes towards the costs of running this blog. I only recommend products and services I’ve used and LOVE myself – but feel free to pop me a message if you have any questions.


Girl, Solo – A Modern Guide To Travelling Alone [ebook bundle]

Girl Solo A Modern Guide To Travelling Alone

Ready to kiss your limiting solo travel beliefs goodbye?

In this ebook bundle, I’m sharing my top tips and tricks for landing awesome deals and freebies EVERY TIME, telling you everything I WISH I knew before I went on my first trip and teaching you how to OVERCOME YOUR DOUBTS so you can book that trip with confidence.

In addition to a 120+ ebook, the bundle also includes:

➩ A Pre-Travel Checklist: a road map of essential tasks to do before you go that will ensure your solo trip runs smoothly

➩ A list of Carry-On Essentials, so you’ll never have to scramble for last-minute extras at the airport again

➩ A collection of Travel Resources, with £100+ of epic savings

➩ Your very own printable 15-page Travel Planner, so you can organise all the need-to-know details and keep your research in one place

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My all-time favourite flight search engine. Not only is it easy to navigate but it has tonnes of extra features that make it easy to find a good deal. I’m a huge fan of the multi-stop feature (where you can add in low-cost stopovers to your trip) and also the ‘Anywhere’ feature that allows you to see which country is the cheapest to fly to on any given date.



This company helps to save you $$ on train travel in the UK by splitting your flight into cheap journeys. Don’t worry all you have to do is enter your travel details and the app takes care of the rest. (If you haven’t used TrainPal before click here to get £5 off your first journey!)



Everybody’s favourite taxi app. For solo travellers, there are a lot of integrated features such as allowing trusted contacts to track your journey to ensure your safety. In certain countries, you can also make use of the ‘Uber Pool’ function – by including a short walk and sharing the car with others you can often save up to 50% of the ride cost! 



In a lot of South-East Asian countries, the preferred ride app of choice is GoJek. As well as booking cars you can often book scooters, which are typically a lot cheaper. Just make sure to ask for a helmet before you get on as it’s a legal requirement to wear one!



Another ride app that’s cheaper than Uber, but only available in some countries. I use it primarily in Australia. (If you’re new to DiDi sign up using this link to get $20 off your first rides)



Hotel Tonight

Wanna be boujee on a budget? Hotel Tonight makes it easy to score bomb last minute deals on 4 and 5* stays. Using the app I saved over £100 on my trip to Berlin and we got a pretty sweet room too. Just download the Hotel Tonight app and enter invite code ESULTER to get £20 off your first booking



Hostelworld is my go-to site for booking hostels. You can use the in-built features to compare and contrast accommodation (based on rating, price, location) and book your stay with just a deposit!


For more information on choosing the best travel accommodation visit this article crammed with my best tips.




If you’re thinking about relocating abroad for a year (or more!) you’ll want to set up a bank account in that country. Instead of being lumped with extortionate bank or PayPal fees use Transferwise to send money overseas. Get your first transfer free with this link.



Revolut is millennial banking at it’s finest. The app provides super-advanced mobile-based banking, which makes budgeting a breeze. Additionally, you can connect the card to your Apple Pay and if you lose or misplace it you can temporarily freeze or order a replacement all through the app. There are no hidden fees and over 110 currencies have locked-in exchange rates. Claim your free Revolut card here.



Free browser plugin, which automatically adds any working discount codes to your basket AND gives you cashback across thousands of online retailers. 


XE Currency

This free currency converter app gives you up to date information on worldwide currency rates and allows you to easily work out how much you’re spending. If you plan on travelling to a couple of different countries it’s pretty convenient as you can have up to 10 saved at once.


For more information on saving money for travel visit this article.



Fat Tire Tours

Fat Tire Tours is my favourite bike tour company! They operate in Europe and the US and in addition to bike tours they have some segway tours too. 


Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb Experiences are a great way to explore your destination through a local’s eyes. Trips I’ve taken in the past include bike tours, photoshoots and more! Bonus – they are a GREAT way to meet other people as a solo traveller. Join here to get £11 off of your first Airbnb Experience.


Kiwi Experience

I travelled around New Zealand for 2 weeks with Kiwi Experience hop on hop off bus tours and I highly recommend them for anybody who’s looking to do the same. Use code EffyKiwi10 to get 10% off all tours (even sale!)



Great for scoring cheap meals and spa/fitness experiences in different countries. My sister’s a great fan as this is primarily where I get all her Christmas presents!



MacBook Air 

I’ve been a Mac girl since 2011 and I’ve never looked back. Even after that fateful incident where I spilt a pint of water on my Macbook Pro frazzling the entire thing. These days I rock a MacBook Air they’re super light-weight, look great and are ideal for watching movies on long journeys.


Canon G7X II

I currently use this camera for the majority of my photos and love it. If you’re into vlogging it’s also what all the influencers dahhhling use. The quality is great and it’s small so not invasive to quickly whip out and take a snap.


iPhone X

I decided to buy this when it first came out and though there have been a couple of new iterations since I’m still really happy with it. 50% of my Instagram photos are taken on my phone and sometimes phone pics make their way on here too! Not to mention that, err, pretty much my whole life is on here so it’s my baby.


Instax Mini 9 

My sister bought this for one of my birthdays and I just love the nostalgic feel of having physical photos. I now even have a little photo album where I store them all. Although the film can be expensive there are often Groupon deals or eBay bundles so keep your eyes out for those!


Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones

If you’re a long-time follower of my Instagram you’ll have heard me wax lyrical about these on more than one occasion. I initially bought these in black but lost them *cry* at LAX so saved up for a new pair and by the time I had they’d released a limited edition in pink which is the colour I’d always wanted anyway! These are a MUST for flights as they successfully drown out general plane noise and screaming children. I’m frequently terrified in my own home when my flatmate pops up from nowhere and I haven’t heard her come home. Trust me – they work.


3m phone wire

Ever been in bed and quite reach your phone? Or staying in a hotel that only has plugs on one side (what’s that about – seriously?!)? A long phone cord is the solution to all your problems and yes, of course, I chose one in pink…


JOBY GorillaPod 5k Kit

If you’re travelling solo and want to take your own photos this is a quality piece of kit. I usually balance it on top of tables etc if I need a bit more height. 


Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger

This pack is a real heavy-duty number so not ideal for carrying around in the day to day but IS ideal for use on long journeys. I love that you can charge two devices at once and the torch component has come in really handy at music festivals. Charges most phones over six times.


Cygnett External Battery Pack

This battery pack is a lot more compact, which makes it ideal for just popping in your handbag. Although it does carry fewer charges than the Anker it serves its purpose for a quick top-up.


SanDisk 128gb Memory Card

Picking a reputable memory card is SO important. Also bear in mind if you’re going to be capturing video files you’ll want something that can hold a substantial amount of data.


Packing Cubes 6pcs (Flamingo)

I could not live without these. Packing cubes are the best way to organise storage in your luggage and if I was to compare them to something I’d say they’re like on the go drawers. I divide each back into a different section of clothing, one for bottoms, one for tops, one for underwear and socks, one for laundry etc.


Seagate Portable 2TB External Harddrive

Back up your shit. Especially as a digital nomad having AT LEAST one external hard drive is a must. Remember to store it somewhere separate to your computer just in case something were to happen.


GE 6 Surge Protector Power Strip

A top hack I’ve learned from staying in hostels is to bring an extension cable so that you don’t need an adapter for each of your appliances. Instead, you can just plug one adapter into the extension cable and you’re good to go!


Powerplug Adapter

I always opt for a universal adapter as opposed to buying one for each country. Although it’s a little more expensive I can use it everywhere I go, without needing to carry a plethora of plugs. I like this one as it also has USB ports!


Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Keeps your cool things cool and your hot things hot. Also is good for the environment too as you’re not contributing to the mindless consumption of unnecessary plastic. Remember to keep it empty when going through airports and fill up just before you get on the plane!




A couple of years ago I moved to being self-hosted, which means I now have complete control over my own work. If you want to be taken seriously as a blogger I highly recommend going self-hosted and choosing a reliable platform.

I’ve reached out to Siteground support numerous times over the past couple of years and they’ve never made me feel stupid about any questions I’ve had and have always gone above and beyond with their service. Siteground is ideal for beginner bloggers as it has an easy to use interface and starts at just $4.95 a month.



I have subscriptions to Tailwind both for scheduling my Pins on Pinterest and for Instagram too. I can’t gush about this tool enough and there are so many built-in features such as the Hashtag Finder or Tailwind Tribes (for Pinterest) that really place it miles above any other similar platform. Sign up here to get your first month free.


My go-to plugin for all my spell-check and grammar needs. In addition to helping you write better blog posts Grammarly also works with email and social posts too.

For more blogging tips check out this post on how to start a blog and this post for blogging mistakes to avoid.