New Job #2

So remember how a few weeks ago I posted saying I got my dream job? Well… turned out to be not so dreamy! Everything was going great – I got my first pay check, invested in some lovely (albeit Primark) heels, you get the picture, living the dream. But then… I received a letter (and Facebook message) saying due to unforeseen circumstances the Aberdeen team (it was a national company) would cease to exist until next year.

Anyway I promptly got over the devastation as just a week and a day later (not that I was counting or anything…) I got a phonecall inviting me for an interview for a job I’d applied for literally months ago – I’m talking the beginning of summer – and I got the job! The new job is pretty similar to all the past jobs I’ve had I’m now a brand ambassador for an experiential marketing company and get to work at a variety of different shops promoting different products.

Like my last job this kind of job is just great for me I love the flexibility and also an added feature of this job is it’s for different brands/products so you end up promoting something new almost every time. I am so grateful that this opportunity came up, literally someone out there got my back big time, Christmas this year would have been Co-op own brand everything!

Also my sister landed me a Saturday job at a local night club handing out free sweets (I filled in for her once before) which is going to great fun, although very dangerous considering the amount of sweet temptation I’m going to be surrounded by! The only thing now is to effectively manage to juggle uni, work and social life, we’ll just have to see how it goes! It’s my first day on Thursday so wish me luck!

What about you guys? What was/is it like for you finding a job alongside your studies? Let me know!