Mr Nutcase Custom Phone Case Review*

mr nutcase custom phone case review

The back of my phone sports a mosaic of cracks, whilst the front of my phone relies on a screen protector to keep it from falling apart. As a somewhat clumsy person a phone case isn’t just a fashion statement for me – it’s a necessity. So when the lovely folks from Mr Nutcase* got in touch and asked if I’d like to create a custom iPhone case I was eager to get on board.

It turns out coming up with your own idea for a phone case is surprisingly difficult for an indecisive person such as myself, so I think that was the longest part of the process for me. Although there were a few custom templates nothing really grabbed me and I kind of felt the whole point was to create a unique design. Eventually I settled on a photo I’d taken from this blog post, popped in a few details and waited anxiously for my baby to arrive.

The posting was remarkably quick and the whole process from design to delivery only took three days which was super impressive (great for a last minute gift)! Not only was the delivery time quick, I love the quality and lightweight feel of the case. I’ve had so many compliments on it already so if you’ve been thinking about designing your own phone case, or even one for a friend I’d really would recommend Mr Nutcase. The design I chose costs £14.95, but if you use my cheeky discount code ‘Thanku10’ you’ll receive 10% off – don’t say I’m not good to you!

What about you guys? What would your design be? Have you already designed one? Let me know!

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