Masquerade by Panache ‘Athena’ Lingerie Review*

Panache Masquerade Athena Plunge Bra Lingerie

Panache lingerie* is a well known underwear brand famous for providing you those bigger sizes, without looking like you’ve borrowed something from your grannie’s top drawer. As someone with a 30″ back size I find it incredibly difficult to find underwear that is sexy and well fitting. More often than not in these cases, I have to choose one of the two (I’ll leave you to ponder which). So when asked if I’d like to review some underwear from the new Autumn collection, I jumped at the chance.

As opposed to some of Panache’s other collections, the Masquerade collection is known for it’s sophisticated feel with careful detailing. I opted for the Masquerade Athena Plunge set which comes in a luxurious teal  –  which is a welcome splash of colour given how dreary it is beginning to get outside!

Panache Masquerade Lingerie Athena Plunge Set

The Bra

First off I was super impressed that the bra had fully adjustable straps. When underwear shopping it’s an absolute nightmare spotting the perfect the bra then trying it on and the straps even at their tightest, giving everyone an eyeful.

In terms of the fit, everything was held in (I know this as I’ve spent quite some time dancing around my room in my underwear!) and the subtle padding added a little extra oomph. However, if I was to pick up on one thing I was slightly unsure about, it would be the overall shape. Don’t get me wrong the when just wearing the underwear itself everything was good to go. But with most of my tops I noticed my chest looking slightly, well, err… pointy – Monroe style.

I’m still not really sure why this happened, so I would recommend when buying from Panache ordering a couple of sizes or trying on in store where possible first!

The Knickers

As for the matching briefs, I was a little apprehensive about the sizing as I’m usually a 6 and these only start from an 8, but the fit was perfect! The pants are so flattering and as an added bonus they’re seamless so no risk of horrific VPL (Visible Panty Lines) –  one of my long standing pet hates.


I am pretty impressed with the underwear. Despite my initial bra problems, if I’m selective about what I wear you’d be none the wiser. The pants are so comfy and the whole set together looks really classy, especially considering you’re partially dressed. If you’re interested in checking out the Masquerade collection or any of the others head to the Panache Lingerie website!

What about you guys?

Have any of you tried Panache underwear before? How did you find it? Let me know!

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