Lush Aberdeen Christmas Blogger Event

Lush Aberdeen Christmas Blogger Event bath bombs

Last weekend a few of the Aberdeen girlies and I were treated to an after hours evening of bubbles and sparkles by the lovely team at Lush Aberdeen. And whilst I am aware that Christmas is still a couple of months away yet I’m all about the early prep and besides who am I to pass up the chance for a good nosey?

The Lush team got started by giving us a brief company history, but not before I’d successfully acquired one of their cute Christmassy cupcakes. Yes I was the first, but I have no shame. No shame I tell you! 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Lush or their story they truly are a great brand and are committed to making animal friendly and gorgeous smelling organic products. This Christmas in addition to the usual line-up Lush will have over 40 gifts with some returning favourites and some exciting new things too!

Lush Aberdeen Christmas Blogger Event sparkly bath bombLush Aberdeen Christmas Blogger Event tray of bath bombs

Our first stop was the bath bomb station. Brandishing a tray of treats, which I had to keep reminding myself were not in fact edible – the team got stuck in making potions (demonstrating the bath bombs). What I loved about the bath bombs is there had been a real effort put into making them exciting. Some spun, some sparkled and some exploded with a myriad of colours like a firework show, but only indoors and for the bath.

Lush Aberdeen Christmas Blogger Event Star Light Star BrightOnce the spectacular bath display was over we introduced to some things that could be used in the shower. Again this certainly would make the shower experience a whole lot more exciting –  with products like Snowman Jelly (a flubber like snowman) and Star Light, Star Bright (a brilliantly sparkly product, which I made the mistake of picking up resulting in my entire arm looking like a character from a Twilight film).

Lastly the team showcased their skincare range and we were given free reign to scrub and moisturise to our hearts content. I particularly loved the Popcorn Lip Scrub, which tasted exactly like sweet and salty popcorn and the Celebrate Body Lotion that included ingredients like Orange Oil and Cognac Oil (basically Christmas in a tub) and I’ll be returning to buy both shortly!

Lush Aberdeen Christmas Blogger Event mermaid water

Lush Aberdeen Christmas Blogger Event bloggers

All in all the night was a lighthearted, fun experience and it gave us all a great chance to chill out and play (literally!) with some of the products. The staff were so friendly and it was refreshing to be shown around by a team who oozed enthusiasm for their jobs and the brand itself. 

As we all clambered out into the rain we were handed bags of treats, which I for one could not wait to go home and unwrap. Unfortunately the recyclable bag had similar plans and caved under the torrential rain spilling it’s contents out on to the street. Luckily I managed to save everything (read some helpful onlookers picked everything up as I stood in horror) and I’ve since used the Yog Nog soap that was in my bag several times already and honestly? If I were to recommend one inexpensive Christmas product from Lush this would be it. At just £3.50 per 100g you can take joy in the fact you will spend the rest of your days smelling like a real life gingerbread girl and it will be absolutely fabulous.

So if you’re big on your pampering or ethical products or even better if you want to win yourself some brownie points among friends or colleagues Lush is the brand for you.

What about you guys? What are your favourite Lush products? What are you dying to try? Let me know!

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