London Calling, Bestival and Finally Going Home

london calling

Tomorrow I’m off to London for a couple of days to see some family and my friend Kiva from uni who I haven’t seen for months! We’ll probably go out for a few drinks but nothing too hectic as I have to leave early the next morning!

After a couple of days I’ll be going on to the Isle of Wight with my friend Zoe for the last music festival of the season – Bestival. 

Because we’re volunteering as stewards with Oxfam we have to be onsite two days early, which I’m really not looking forward to as camping isn’t my favourite activity at the best of times! Though the festival itself though looks like it could be incredible and the legend that is Stevie Wonder is headlining on Sunday.

Bestival programme
Here’s more of the acts I want to see!

This is the first music festival I’ll be staying at for a whole week so again with the camping thing I’m a bit dubious but fingers crossed it’ll be amazing and you know what they say about time when you’re having fun! Bestival is known for it’s fancy dress themed Saturday (this year the theme is wildlife), but a lot of people choose to dress up the whole weekend. 

This year I’m a bit behind on preparation but Zoe and I are hoping to go as unicorns, which aren’t really wildlife but hey it would look awesome – I can see it now – loads of glitter and cute cone headbands!

After I get back from Bestival I have a one day rest then I’m heading back up to Aberdeen before university starts. This year I’m on the Fresher’s Team too which is basically just a group of uni volunteers who help new students out by helping them move in and going to Fresher’s events and nights out together. All in all I have a busy few weeks coming up so probably won’t get to post much but don’t worry I’ll be back with loads of updates an plenty of Bestival photos!

What about you guys have you been to many festivals this year? Did you have a good time and what acts did you see? Anyone thinking about Glastonbury next year? I know I am!