Keglevich @ Rockness Festival*

A couple of days before I headed to Rockness I was asked if I would like to review a cocktail for an alcohol brand named Keglevich* who had their own bar at the festival. I’d never heard of the brand before as they are relatively new to the UK but they are really popular throughout Europe and one of the number one alcohol brands in Italy where it’s made.

On the Friday my friend Karen and I headed over to the bar which on first impressions was really cool and definitely stood out from most of the other bars there purely for it’s colourful appearance! We decided not to have our complimentary cocktails yet as it was still early days but instead opted for a pitcher of Strawberry Woo Woo which consisted of the strawberry Keglevich, cranberry juice and lime juice. We were served by a great guy called Charlie who was super friendly and honestly one of the reasons aside from the drink why we kept going back to the tent!

The Woo Woo itself was different from any Woo Woo I’ve had from bars up here, not necessarily in a bad way but I’m not sure I would have known it was a Woo Woo if I hadn’t seen it being made. I was also pretty disappointed that there was no fresh limes in it, but I’m not sure how practical it would have been taking a truckload of limes all the way up to Inverness!

On the Saturday I was all for taking it slow but at some point early in the evening we ventured back to the tent for another drink and this time got a Sex on the Beach which I much preferred. It was like the classic but instead of schnapps – the peach flavoured Keglevich vodka.

It was then that we met…

 Power Rangers fancy dress

Who we proceeded to spend the rest of the night with!

Around midnight, when we were beginning to run out of money we finally went back for our free cocktails and out the corner of my eye I spotted some hula hoops behind the bar. A couple of bats of the eyelashes later five hula hoops had been released into the tent which provided many a giggle for our onlookers. I wish I had some photos, it was hilarious AND me and Steven (blue power ranger) even won prizes (Keglevich t-shirts and temporary tattoos) for our hula skills!

It was such a great time and although not all the drinks were to my liking the atmosphere was definitely something worth talking about. I mean people at festivals are super friendly anyway but having all those happy people all together in one tent, drinking and laughing is definitely something that stays with you.

I’ve heard that Keglevich have some interesting events on the horizon so it will be interesting to see what they bring to those!

What about you guys? Have you heard of/drank Keglevich before? What did you think? Let me know!

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