Happiness is 100 things: Part Two

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So incase you missed my last one, ‘Happiness is 100 things’ is a four part series I’ve decided to do detailing some of my favourite little things that make me happy. If you’re interested here’s part one of the series!

21.  Breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed

22. Foot heating in the car

23. Taking your bra off at the end of the day

24. A good book

pretty books

25. Music

26. A Sunday Session

27. Pretty underwear

pretty lace bras

28. Finding money in your pockets

29. Finishing your coursework

mackbook pro and notebooks

30. A long shower

31. A back massage

32. Getting your make up just right

mac make up brushes and brush roll

33. Funny things my little brother says

34. Going on holiday

palm trees at the beach

35. Coming home

36. A Pornstar Martini

37. Watching your favourite TV shows

38. The smell of petrol

39. A roast dinner

40. Achieving your goals

Stay tuned for part three and if you’ve done a similar post please leave your link as I’d love to read it!

Would any of these things be on your list?

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