Happiness is 100 Things: Part Three

Part three of my Happiness is 100 Things Series! If you haven’t already read them here are the links to read part one and part two of the series.


41. Double cheese burgers

42. Being reunited with old friends

43. Seeing someone grow up well

44. Learning to let go

45. Cute compliments

46. Peace and quiet (but only sometimes!)

47. Getting good grades

48. Innocent smoothies

49. Having smooth legs

50. A day off work

51. Love

52. Making food for people (yup, I’m a feeder)

53. The sounds of rain when indoors

54. Yo! Sushi

55. Making a positive impact on someone’s life

56. Being pampered

57. A good read

58. The cold side of the pillow

59. Winding up my sister

60. When a hangover passes



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