Happiness is 100 Things: Part One

Happiness is one of those things that goes round in circles, much like a quicker version of the London Eye. There is no one person that exists who hasn’t known sadness and who won’t have sadness to come. However, that’s not to say that life doesn’t have it’s beautiful moments and when those moments come along I think it’s really important to cherish them.

I stumbled across Vicki’s Happiness is 100 Things post one late night on Twitter and instantaneously decided to do one of my own featuring some of the little (and a few of the big) things that make me happy. I hope you enjoy it!

1. A great sleep

2. A rare steak

3. Spooning in bed

4. Capturing a great photo

5. Time spent with my weird and wonderful family

6. An unspoken bond

7. Music festivals

8. Hearing the voice of someone you’ve missed

9. Dancing like a fool

10. A productive day

11. Opening presents

12. Giving presents

13. Soup

14. Pinning my life away on Pinterest

15. Making new friends

16. Winning

17. Bradley Cooper’s eyes

18. Surprising a friend

19. Watching kid’s films

20. Kisses

Stay tuned for part two next week and if you’ve done your own posts please leave your links below!

Images all via weheartit

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