Happiness is 100 Things: Part Four

So here we have it – my penultimate list of the little things that I am thankful for and make life just that little bit more bright!

61 A Disney day

62 Uncontrollable laughter

63 Warm Weather

64 The sound of the sea

65 A freshly baked cake

66 Getting post that isn’t a bill or bank statement

67 Macaroni cheese

68 Winning a bid on eBay

69 Having people that actually read my blog

70 Bob Marley

71 Enjoying my own company

72 Flying with British Airways

73 Finding something you thought was lost

74 Well fitting shoes 

75 Growing wiser

76 A clean room

77 The Body Shop Body Butter

78 Tax rebate

79 Gravy

80 Enjoying my work

 If you haven’t already read them here are the links to read part onepart two and part three of the series.


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