Graduation Photo Diary

On Wednesday the 15th of July I graduated with a First Class Honours in Media from Robert Gordon University. I spent the day giggling between (and during) glasses of wine, celebrating the past four years of my life with some of the people who contributed to making it so memorable. 

After two days of much needed recovery I gathered with some of my classmates to celebrate once more at our graduation ball. Captured below are some of my favourite moments from both events:

Walking on stage to collect my scroll was probably one of the most nerve wracking moments of my life to date. For the duration of the ceremony my mind went into overdrive repeating various traumatic situations on a loop inside my head. These ranged from the embarrassing – me missing my name being called out to the downright dangerous – me collapsing in a crumpled heap on stage/at the bottom of the steps in front of everyone. 

Luckily none of these actually happened. In fact the whole thing was over before I could even make the most of my three seconds of fame and once it was all over I realised it was nowhere near as scary as I’d made it out to be. One might even go as far as to say I enjoyed it.

The experience of graduating alongside your friends really does make all those years of hard graft worth it and if you’re at uni just now I’m so jealous you have this yet to come. Going to uni truly is a once in a lifetime experience. There are ups and downs as with anything but at the end of the day, be it your first or final year, you have so much to be proud of for getting where you are and I have no doubt in the future you’ll have even greater things to look forward to.

What about you guys? Have you graduated recently or attended someone elses ceremony? How did you find it? Let me know!

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