Venturing into the Unknown

Ooh the mystery! So I was blogging away when I realised I haven’t yet mentioned that next month I am heading to Unknown Festival in Croatia!

 It’s my first time in Croatia, my first time at a festival abroad and also the first year for the festival itself so I literally have no idea what to expect. I’m not the best when it comes to planning trips and bless her confused soul – neither is my sister who hasn’t even booked her transport yet. So with that being said I think our group arriving in Croatia in once piece will definitely be a good start.

Another thing, being the poor, poor student I am – I’m travelling by bus. That’s right – a 32 hour trip to Croatia – not including the 7 hour trip from Aberdeen to Sheffield where the bus departs. There is no way in hell an iPhone is going to last for even half of that journey so if anyone has any good book recommendations I’d really appreciate if you fired those in the comments below (thanks in advance!)

Don’t get me wrong I’m definitely excited, for a whole week off work if nothing else, but also slightly intimidated by how very underprepared I seem to be.

So if anyone has any tips for long treacherous bus journeys, festivals abroad or just life in general let me know!

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