Have you ever dreamed of travelling solo?

In 2016, I boarded a plane solo for the first time. I found my seat, looked out the window, and burst into tears. It was a real *HOLY SHIT; WHAT HAVE I DONE?!* moment. I couldn’t believe I was finally, actually doing it. 

Ignoring the fear and doing it anyway turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made, and it completely changed my life.

I’ve since travelled solo to four continents, and I’ve gone from being terrified to being empowered by the prospect of going it alone.

If I hadn’t found a way to overcome that fear, I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am today. Now, it’s my mission to help you find that courage within yourself so you can see the world on your own terms too. If you’re feeling fearful about travelling solo, trust me: I’ve been where you are, which is how I know (deep down to my pinky toes) that you can overcome it.

Inside this ebook, you’ll find everything from my own essential tips and tricks to golden nuggets I’ve learned from other solo travellers along the way. It’s a jam-packed resource written by someone who knows what it’s like to be scared, while deeply desiring more out of life. 

I want you to know this is not just my story; it’s page one of yours

Girl Solo A Modern Guide To Travelling Alone

"I found Girl, Solo a really inspiring read."

Having separate sections and chapter recaps makes it easy to find answers to any questions you might have, and even for answers to questions you didn’t know you had! I now know exactly where to look when planning my first solo trip.
Elle Griffiths​
Elle griffiths

Have you ever...

Planned out a dream trip with a friend, but had them pull out at the last minute? 

Or wished you had the confidence to travel the world by yourself, without waiting around for someone to go with you?


Or even heard people say...

Solo travel is for loners

Travelling alone is dangerous for women. They should just stay at home and, I dunno, knit or something.

Solo travel is a first-class ticket to loneliness and boredom.

Well, as an experienced solo traveller, I’m here to say: Fuck. That.

If you’re:

  • TIRED of waiting for someone to travel with
  • Scared to take the plunge and don’t even know WHERE to begin
  • Interested in going solo, but have friends and family who are FREAKING the fuck out
  • Going through a breakup and want to Eat, Pray, Love that shit (we’ve all been there)

… then this book is for you

Here’s why:

This book is an IMMERSIVE experience that will move you several steps closer to your goal of travelling solo… NOW!

You’ll get access to:

  • Techniques to improve your confidence and overcome fears before you go
  • Dozens of ways you can save and budget for your trip without going broke 
  • Top resources that will help you plan your trip with ease

Here’s exactly what you’re getting:

A No-BS travel guide for the aspiring solo traveller, with…

➩ 120+ pages packed with value 

➩ Tried and tested solo-travel techniques that women around the world use every day

➩ Detailed options so you can tailor your solo trip to your wants and needs

But wait… there’s more!

In addition to your copy of Girl, Solo...


 You’ll also receive –


➩ A Pre-Travel Checklist: a road map of essential tasks to do before you go that will ensure your solo trip runs smoothly

➩ A list of Carry-On Essentials, so you’ll never have to scramble for last-minute extras at the airport again

➩ A collection of Travel Resources, with £100+ of epic savings

➩ Your very own printable 15 page Travel Planner, so you can organise all the need-to-know details and keep your research in one place


And the best part? 


All of these extras are totally FREE.


This is the ONLY solo-travel resource bundle of its kind, and I’ve designed it to be an interactive experience just for you


I don’t want you just to learn about solo travel. I want you to have everything you need to TAKE ACTION.


That’s right: By this time tomorrow, you could actually be ready to plan your solo trip!


"Girl, Solo Is easy to read, informational and most importantly - inspirational!"

I feel like I can hear Efia read this out loud - this is her story and everything that’s she overcome and learnt. I’m so grateful that she has shared it with us in the hopes that we break out of our comfort zones. If you have any doubts, rest assured this will put you at ease and give you the confidence to take the next step.
becky carver
becky carver

What's included in the book

I know you’re eager to get started, so here’s a few snippets of what you can expect:
💫 Page 11 – Why your fear is actually a good thing and how to work with it  (Note with, NOT against)

💫 Page 17 – The truth about building confidence, and why RIGHT NOW (yes, now) is the best time to try solo travel
💫 Pages 19 & 21 – Two things missing from all the other solo-travel books (We need to talk…)
💫 Page 27 – My tailored suggestions for first-time solo travellers. (And where NOT to go!)
💫 Page 31 – How to determine your travel style (And why figuring it out is important)
💫 Page 34 – Staying safe, and four safety hacks that every solo traveller should know (I wish I’d known these BEFORE I left the first time!)
💫 Page 52 – The one cheap-flight hack that everyone’s talking about… but is WRONG (Hint: I’ll be teaching you what to do instead, and how I save $$ on flights EVERY time)
💫 Page 65 – How and WHAT to pack for a solo trip to any climate (And what not to bring, like, ever)
💫 Page 70 – The best ways to make new connections and friends around the world when travelling alone (And the one reason I know these will work for you, even if you’re shy)
💫 Page 84 – Three methods for avoiding awkwardness and getting photos of yourself as a solo traveller, so you can remember your trip for years to come (You don’t need a travel buddy to get some awesome shots!)
💫 Page 93 – Travelling for longer: how to do it and bring in extra income (Including seven methods to get you started, even if you’re a total beginner like I was)
💫 Page 104 – What to do in challenging situations (So you’re prepared for every eventuality)

💫 Page 116 – The excuses that are holding you back (How to overcome your limiting solo-travel beliefs so you can pursue your dreams)

And I’m just getting started, because you’ll also get….

✨ BONUS #1 Printable Travel Planner – to help you get inspired and organised before your adventure.
✨ BONUS #2 Carry-On Essentials – including recommendations for the items I can’t leave home without!
✨ BONUS #3 Pre-Travel Checklist – so you can check off your tasks as you go.
✨ BONUS #4 Travel Resources – £100+ of savings on everything from hotels to tours.

These awesome gifts will help you take action …even if you’re feeling scared!

So are you ready for an EPIC solo adventure?

For a limited time £24.99 £19.99

£1 from every sale of Girl, Solo – A Modern Guide To Travelling Alone will be donated to Who Cares? Scotland.

" I wish I had something like this when i started travelling solo."

Although I'm a seasoned solo traveller now, this was a great read. Girl, Solo gives you the low down, ins and outs of everything you need to know when it comes to travelling alone… and more! #booktheflight
charlotte haynes