Semester to Semester Raving with the Freshers

So if by the odd (and also very unlikely!) chance you don’t know what Fresher’s Week is check this out.

Last year unfortunately I was seventeen during Fresher’s Week so basically couldn’t attend any of the club events. Which really really sucked because it is a brilliant opportunity to make new friends and just really good fun. This year I was determined not to miss out on the fun so signed up to be on the university’s ‘Fresher’s Team’.

The Freshers Team is built up of past students who volunteer to wear hideous brightly coloured irange t-shirts and dedicate a week of their time to help new students settle into university life in every sense of the term. So yes in some, even most, cases that involves excessive drinking! But the main aim is to be a friendly face in unfamiliar territory and to make sure everyone has a good time and gets the most out of their week.

So when on the Freshers Team I STILL hadn’t recovered from my Bestival illness and was feeling really stressed and under the weather, so ended up bailing after one weekend. However the time that I did spend on the team was really fun. I met some great people and wish that when I moved in I’d had a Freshers Team because as you may know my first week at uni wasn’t a pleasant experience! Read more about that here.

My first day on the team was spent helping new students move into their halls which turned out to be a bit of a mission.  I automatically turned on anyone who lived on the top floor – I’m unfit as it is climbing several flights of stairs with very heavy *ahem* … pillows is treacherous work I tell you! No but seriously, it was tiring! 

That took up the whole day and then we had a few hours to go home for dinner before meeting up at the halls again for the evening session where we would socialise with the new students in their flats before taking them on to the union to partaaaay!

Unfortunately, yet again I had to drop out of something because I wasn’t feeling up to it (and I’d just started my new job, but more about that later!). The days I spent on the Fresher’s Team were fun but but they were also tiring and I’m not sure I would have managed to go out ten days in a row! Despite this I did manage to go out a couple of nights with my flatmates, and these nights were also mixed experiences.

In first year I really enjoyed going out to clubs etc, but I think now the novelty has worn off a bit and with old age (one year older) comes a tired Efia who can’t keep it going til three in the morning unless the night really is something amazing – and so far they haven’t really been up to par.

What about you guys? How was your Fresher’s Week? And if this isn’t your first year how do you find going out – are you still as interested in it? Let me know!

Ps – I’m sorry for the lack of posts recently but the firsts couple of weeks back have been SO hectic. I have some good posts coming up for you though and will let you know what I’ve been up to as soon as I get a minute to catch my breath! Thanks for your patience and I really do appreciate every follower, every comment and every post read!