February Goals

February goals

At the risk of creating several resolutions I’d desperately vow to keep but never visit again, I opted to forego January goals. However now that the festive madness is officially over I can go back to being all organised and motivated.

I’ve mentioned in my posts before that I think it’s healthy to create goals to work towards. As someone who is motivated by a sense of achievement, I especially find setting short term goals really works for me. Whether it be silly Christmas goals like watching Home Alone, or more serious ones like not completely losing the will to live during my final semester at uni.

So my February goals are to:

Embrace Valentine’s Day – Among friends I’ve been known to not talk particularly kindly of Valentine’s Day. Or in fact any holiday that seems to be manufactured by gift companies to generate sales, Christmas included. Why? Because I think you should show your love for friends, families, significant others, dogs, cats – whoever it may be all year round. For me that’s worth so much more than a box of chocolates and an embarrassing card. This Valentine’s Day however a good friend of mine is coming to stay for the weekend and who knows I may even do all that mushy love stuff *bleurgh*. Or worse… I may actually enjoy it!

Take time to be mindful – I have mastered the art of overthinking. Give me a situation and I will obsess over it and pick it apart ’til it drives me crazy and then some. This usually doesn’t take me very long, but unfortunately is extremely effective for hurtling me in to a terrible mood for the rest of the day. So this month I’m taking it upon myself to spend more time in the present and remember as long as I’m doing the best I can that is enough and I am enough.

Get more hands on with my job hunt – My last year at uni has been spent sneakily trying to push this to the back of my mind, but the fact of the matter is I’m graduating and most places do not accept Monopoly money as legal tender. It all starts with getting my CV updated and having a chat with my uni Careers Service so this is definitely on the list for this month. Alternately you could save me the hassle by checking out my LinkedIn profile and giving me an awesome job. N.b – I am amazing at making baked office snacks. Just saying.

Write more often – I really do love blogging. I think I grow to love it more and more with time. Not only for the incredible opportunities that I’ve had because of it, but also because I’ve just begun to realise how much tension you can release through writing. Now that exams are over I’m hoping this month I can get back into writing at least one post a week. Wish me luck!

Take better care of my nails – Since I can remember I’ve had lovely long nails that will just not stop peeling. A few years down the line my excessive use of Shellac and gel treatments has not made the situation any better. My plan is to give my nails a little break and moisturise, deep treat – whatever I have to do to get them in better condition so they can be pretty and sparkly again. Because who doesn’t love sparkles right?

What about you guys? What are your goals for this month? Any tips for helping me achieve mine? Let me know!

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