Daisy Street Faux Fur Coat

Faux fur coat* – c/o Daisy Street
Wet look leggings – Miss Selfridge
Black clutch – New Look
Purple peplum top – New Look
Black bow heels – Primark

So as my regular readers may know, a couple of weeks ago I attended the Daisy Street Bloggers Christmas Party. Whilst there I was asked to tag an item of clothing which I’d most like to review and I was torn between a faux fur coat and their wide array of disco pants (which I’m still set on getting!) but practicality won me over. Quite a few people tagged my chosen item so I was absolutely delighted when I got this baby through my door and decided it would feature in my first ever Outfit of the Day/Night post! Although first I have a confession…
This coat actually arrived last Saturday, however our door bell is broken and for whatever reason everyone in the flat seemed to miss the delivery so I ended up with one of those annoying re-delivery cards. The next possible redelivery date was Tuesday so I put in an order with the Post Office for it to come back then.

*Fast forward to Tuesday*

I was fast asleep, I didn’t have uni till later on that day so was enjoying the opportunity for a long lie in when… someone loudly banging on the door interrupted my dream. It can be quite loud in the area where I live and I was still half asleep so I just ignored the noise and attempted to go back to sleep and that’s when I realised that was the post and it was for me.

I literally raced downstairs (two flights of stairs I’ll have you know!), yanked open the door, hastily signed for my package and ran back upstairs to rip it open. So in actuality the coat did not come through my door as such, but nonetheless it made it’s way to me safe and sound and that’s the main thing!

Now, more about the coat itself.

The coat is mid length, incredibly cosy, not dissimilar to a dressing gown and I absolutely love it! As you can see I paired it with a peplum top, some wet look leggings and heels for a night time look.

 The only down points are the coat only has three buttons so it’s not the best for draft excluding however this can be combatted by wrapping the jacket and wearing a thin belt on top. Also as with all faux fur coats when it rains end up looking like a sodden rat, but it does have a hood to defend some rain and apart from that it’s perfect.

What about you guys? What Daisy Street clothes do you/ would you like to own? Let me know!