Cooking for Dummies #4: One Dish Dinner

I recently had some time off work and decided to make myself something proper to eat. I’m ashamed to admit that recently more often than not I catch myself eating out, especially as I get a huge discount on food at work. Despite this, I really enjoy cooking when I have the time. I find it relaxing and fun (if you disinclude washing the dishes afterwards).

This dish literally came together as I was going along, but it worked surprisingly well which is why I’ve chosen to share it. It’s ridiculously easy and tastes amazing!

Before I go any further I should probably admit I’ve taken a slight twist on the truth with this title. It is a one dish dinner yes – but there may also be a frying pan and a steamed microwave bag in there too. So it isn’t really a lie… but it kind of is. Anyway now that you’ve finished judging me on to the recipe itself!

To serve 1 hungry bear or 3-4 people

8 chicken thighs
A generous glass of white wine
 2 fresh rosemary sprigs
1 onion
5 Cloves of garlic
About 10 new potatoes
A generous hand full of Chantenay carrots
Salt and pepper
Olive oil
& enough butter to effectively clog your arteries

You want to start by setting your oven to 180 (fan) or 200 (conventional) and warming a pan with a splash of oil and about a tablespoon of butter, yup a tablespoon, I did tell you it was a lot! Keep an eye on the pan so the butter doesn’t burn and in the mean time slice your onion and smash your garlic. If like me you’ve recently moved house and are short of kitchen utensils I find hitting the garlic with the bottom of some sort of tinned goods to be very effective. Be sure to leave the skin on I don’t know why but it’s better that way.

Once everything is sliced, smashed and warmed (add more oil if you need to) add to the pan with the chicken, season well and cook at a medium heat. The aim here is to brown the chicken but not cook it completely.

Once this is done (should take under 10 minutes), smack the rosemary in your palm (to release the oils) and add to the pan with a nice big glass of wine.  It’s worth mentioning at this point chicken should be skin side up.

Again the aim here is not to cook the chicken, just to cook off the alcohol. While that’s all going on in the pan line an oven dish with your potatoes, I cut the potatoes in half then just lined the dish with as many as I could fit into a single layer.

Now we come to a crossroads – I didn’t cook my carrots in the same dish but I see no reason not to. Chantenay carrots are the perfect size just to throw in there. Lovingly of course! Once you’ve made your decision add the chicken and pour the contents of the pan in around the potatoes, make sure to scrape the pan to get all that chicken-y goodness, mmm.  Ideally you don’t want the top of the chicken to be wet. Season well, cover the dish with tin foil and then stick in the oven for 30 minutes.

While this is cooking there is a perfect opportunity to kick back and sample the wine from earlier, afterall it would be rude not to.

After half an hour is up remove the tin foil from the dish and place back in for a further 10 minutes. By now there should be all sorts of heavenly smells and that bottle of wine should be near empty. I like my food to rest for a while so once the cooking time is up ensure that the chicken is definitely cooked (no pink in the middle) and prepare whatever additional vegetables you’ve chosen to add – in my case the broccoli was a 3 minute microwave job. Once you’ve sorted plates and everything your masterpiece will be ready to devour.

Enjoy and thank me later!

What about you guys? What are your go to quick meals? Let me know!

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