Confessions of a So-Called Blogger

As much as I’d love for you all to believe practically perfect in every way, there are a few *cough* several skeletons lurking in my closet. I thought it would be fun to share some with you so here are five of my many confessions as a so called blogger.

1. I’ve worn sweatpants to uni

 I can visualise fashion bloggers everywhere gasping – I’m sorry! The truth is this wasn’t even just a one time thing, I do this regularly and in actual fact I’m wearing them right now! But you know what? Given the choice between 10 more minutes in bed and looking half decent in front of my peers – I’d pick the trackies every time. Maximum comfort for minimum effort.

2. I rarely wash my make-up brushes

It’s disgusting I know, but I just forget to do it. After all, why have just one colour of eyeshadow when you can have weeks worth all mushed together mmm.

3. I don’t have a blog set up

No desk. No candles. And no twinkly fairy lights. Most of the time I blog from bed, or from time to time in a boring lecture at uni but shh! I’m a creative person darling, inspiration hits when it hits,  although I’m not so sure my lecturers would feel the same way.

4. I take most of my blog pictures on my phone

I’m sorry but when you’re at dinner or out and about it’s just so much easier to be discreet with your phone. Saying this I have recently bought a lovely little camera for blogging but I’ll definitely still be turning to my phone from time to time and with photos like this why not?

5. I wear chipped nails out

I’d like to think this isn’t my fault, but if I’m being honest with myself… it probably is! Nevermind blogger, I’m the worst girl that ever lived. I’ll paint my nails then a minute later decide I have more important things to do. Can’t find top coat or base coat? No matter I’ll paint them anyway then complain when I’m left with some lurid nail stain upon removal.

So there you have it – five of my confessions. I hope after reading this I haven’t scared you away from my blog!

What about you guys?  Do we share any confessions? Let me know!

If you decide to do a confessions of a so called blogger post of your own then tag me so I can see! 

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