Christos Greek Taverna

So last week I went out for a meal with my sister and our good friend Maya to celebrate me getting a job for summer. My sister insisted we go somewhere out of the norm so after not being able to get a suitable reservation at Yatai (which I am still determined to go to!) we decided to go to Christos Greek Taverna which came highly recommended and also ranked #14 on Trip Advisor for Aberdeen restaurants.

As always my sister and Maya were fashionably *cough* half an hour *cough* late so by the time they got there I was just about eating the table.  

Though we had to wait a while for service our waitress when she came was great at explaining all the different dishes and we decided to order a Mezedakia (which is a large Greek sharing platter) as a starter.

Though we ordered the platter for three people there was SO much food that we could have probably ordered it for two and it would have still been enough. The platter consisted of courgette fritters, 3 different dips: hummus, tzatziki and melitzanosalata (yes I did have to double check the website for spelling on that!), pitta breads, stuffed vine leaves and some Greek sausage stew which none of us really cared much for. I really enjoyed the courgette fritters and the pitta breads with hummus but overall the starter was a sad experience for me as Maya ate the only olive… how could she?!

 By the time the mains came out we were all pretty full but we plowed on like the soldiers we are as it was just SO good. Maya ordered a traditional Moussaka, I ordered Kleftico which is literally just a piece of lamb on the bone and a potato – seasoned very well I must add though, and Ama ordered Souvlaki which was basically a Greek kebab which came with her favourite dip ever… tzatziki!

I really wish I’d been more hungry as the portions were so generous that we just couldn’t finish them and they had a really interesting ice cream selection I’d have liked to try out – Ouzo and Irn Bru to name a couple!

Overall I really enjoyed Christos Greek Taverna, the food was really tasty and there was a real family element to the restaurant  – Christos himself came over to check if we were enjoying our meal and brought us the bill when we left. The whole restaurant had a very (I should have taken more pictures!) Mediterranean feel and my sister who spent some time in Greece last year said she felt like she was back there just being in the restaurant. The prices were definitely reasonable for the amount of food you got and I think it would be a great place to go for a date (men take note!), as while the space was quite open there were a few intimate tables.

If I had to give a negative I would say that the sausage stew was a bit bland for my liking and I would have liked some vegetables with the Kleftico as opposed to just a side salad but I guess if you really wanted you could order some as a side dish.

What about you guys? Have you tried any nice local restaurants recently? What made them special for you? Let me know!

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