Bloggers Digest and Life Update

Christmas 2011.

So this week I’m taking part in the lovely Nykki’s Blogger’s Digest, I haven’t done one before but thought it would be fun to share with you all what I’ve been up to in both my blogging and personal life!


I know the Blogger’s Digest is usually just for bloggy updates but I thought I’d add a little life update too. This past week I’ve been down in Manchester staying at my boyfriends and doing last minute Christmas prep which has been tiring to say the least – I officially hate wrapping presents! I got to Manchester on Friday but was so tired we didn’t really do much! On Saturday we went out for some food at Wagamama’s which I hate to say – I’m really beginning to go off. 

In comparison to other noodle bars I’ve eaten at recently – Yaki Soba (a small galley style Japanese restaurant in Chorlton) and Umami (a Japanese restaurant hidden away in a basement on Oxford Road) in terms of price and flavour it just isn’t really cutting it for me anymore which is a real shame. Later we went to the cinema and saw Seven Psychopaths which was hilarious and totally exceeded my expectations – for those of you haven’t already seen it I strongly recommend you catch it while it’s still in cinemas. Finally, we went for a few drinks before heading on to a party where one of us had far too much to drink (*hint* it wasn’t me…)

I guess Saturday was the most exciting day as my boyfriend was at work most of the week which leads on to…


So you ask what did I write about?

I started the week on Saturday with the first of my ‘Winter Warmer’ posts – a delicious recipe for a hearty scotch broth… aye. Honestly though – this soup is good even if I do say so myself (which I do)! Wholesome, filling and everything a good wintery soup should be.

Next up on Monday my post was all about my lovely new faux fur coat from Daisy Street which I absolutely adore and is fast becoming a favourite in my coat collection  This also happened to be one of my most popular posts and I loved reading all the comments from everyone!

On Thursday I shared my top 3 beauty deals for this season which featured Benefit, Latest in Beauty and The Body Shop. Some serious bargains worth snapping up I promise you!

Late that night/ early Friday morning on the dreaded day the world was set to end I compiled some funny animal photos in my So Long World… post. I mean if that was the last time you were to ever see my blog I just had to leave you with happy memories.

Finally later on that morning I posted my first ever giveaway, which is a group giveaway hosted by the lovely Nykki and then here we are now! Apologies that this isn’t a full week this was initially intended to go up on Saturday but the blogosphere was dead!

What have your blogging weeks been like? Share some of your best links below!

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