Black Travel Bloggers: 15 You Need To Follow Right Now

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Updated February 13 2020

When I first started travelling alone in 2016 I obsessed over travel blogs, vlogs and any other resource I could get my hands on. But looking back over that period of time I found very few black travel bloggers to be inspired by. There was no one who looked like me. 

The lack of representation of black travel bloggers in the industry raises the question of “Well, how do I know this is for me if I can’t see anyone like me doing it?”

So, in response to that question, I created this guide of 15 incredible black travel bloggers you need to follow (*cough* like yesterday *intermittent spluttering ceases*)


Lack of black travel representation in the media 

Unfortunately, the lack of representation isn’t limited to one industry.

Growing up and rarely seeing black female leads. Online shopping and struggling to find models of colour. But when it comes to the travel sphere it’s not that black travel bloggers don’t exist – it’s just that we aren’t seen. We have to fight for opportunities on whitewashed press trips and we have to make the case for why black travel bloggers deserve to be paid for their work.

That’s not to say there aren’t companies who do represent the full spectrum of body shapes, sizes and colours. I’m extremely lucky to have worked with some brands who are addressing the lack of representation head-on. But the downsides can’t be ignored either. 

I’ve spent some time surveying the Internet for their favourite black travel bloggers. I feel proud to endorse to them and hope you’ll fall in love with their stories as much as I did.

15 Black Travel Bloggers to Follow

Char  – Memoirs & Musings


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Char who coins herself ‘not your average blogger’ is a black travel blogger who loves indulging in a glass of white wine, when plans are cancelled and purchasing overpriced makeup. She hopes to inspire her readers through her anti-blog and honest conversations about life, love and travel.


Montelle – Montzxo


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Montelle is a personal brand coach, travel vlogger and retreat leader. Having grown up in a small UK town with little opportunity she seized the chance to use Youtube as a creative outlet. In sharing her travel experiences and personal growth tips she has inspired thousands of women around the world and transformed what was once a hobby into a powerful brand.

Last year, Montelle quit her unfulfilling job. And after squeezing all of her belongings into a 65l backpack set off to explore the world (in real life, not Instagram). Since learning the power of intentional living she’s now on a mission to show other women what’s possible.


Lee- Spirited Pursuit 


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As a self-taught photographer and storyteller, Lee uses photography to shape poignant narratives on cultural immersion; bringing fresh perspectives to travel experiences off-the-beaten-track. A Cameroonian by birth, an American by upbringing, and a Nomad at heart, Lee has a deep-rooted appreciation for a well-travelled and adventurous life. She aims to share stories that highlight the true beauty of Africa as a travel destination.


Debbie – Wanderlust Calls

Debbie is a Travel and Lifestyle Blogger who achieved her goal of visiting 25 countries before she turned 25. She uses her blog to inspire people to step out of their comfort zone and travel more. Her blog focuses on living your best life on a budget. She aims to help her readers experience a taste of luxury without breaking the bank, or as she likes to say, “do bougie travel on a budget”. 

Debbie is also the Co-Founder of Black Travel Creators, a community for black travel content creators.


Sarah – Sarah Toyin


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Sarah is a British Nigerian born and raised in England. She started vlogging via YouTube whilst in Korea to share her new and exciting experience. 

After starting her YouTube, she started her website which has evolved into a travel and lifestyle blog. Her blog is aimed at helping women that look like her who are interested in travelling by providing solo travel tips, travel guides, advice on moving abroad to Korea, posts on being black abroad, travel tips, itineraries, hotel reviews and more. 


Sally – Passports and Plates


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Born in Ireland, but raised in Los Angeles to Sudanese-Egyptian parents, Sally from Passport & Plates has been a traveller from the start. In 2015, she left her advertising job to chase her dream of eating the best street food, learning about different cultures and challenging misconceptions about Islamophobia. She’s a firm believer that local food and travel experiences are the best form of education.


Nicole – I Luv 2 Globe Trot


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Nicole is an English Language teacher, travel blogger, and freelance writer. Her country count is now at over 40 and she has lived abroad in South Africa, Germany, South Korea and Oman. She has a zest for the expat lifestyle and has a goal of inspiring others to travel and live abroad. 

She is the proud author of “A Guide to Landing an English Teaching Job Abroad” and Co-Founder of the I Luv 2 Globe Trot travel site and community. 


Stephanie – Vaycarious


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At age 41 Stephanie quit her job to travel the world for a year on her savings. She visited 12 countries in 12 months all on just $1200 per month. Now she’s a year-round house sitter and pet sitter who helps other women take a career break on a budget. Her travel blog focuses on solo budget travel from short holidays to longterm nomadic living. She is a passionate advocate for the ‘grown up gap year’. 


Ciara – Hey Ciara


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Ciara is a 20 something who is passionate about living an adventurous life and helping others to do the same. After working in corporate Human Resources for nearly 2 years, she quit her job to travel full time and document her experience along the way. She has now been featured in multiple publications and has successfully turned her passion into a career. 


Gabby – Packs Light 


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Gabby is a 23-year old Travel/Lifestyle entrepreneur.  During college, she won more than $69,000 in scholarships which allowed her to study for one year in Dubai, UAE at no personal cost, and ultimately to graduate with her Mathematics degree completely debt-free. 

In the 1.5 years since then, she has visited her 29th country, spoken at travel conferences, and helped send young adults to several countries for free through her funded travel opportunities. On her road to world domination, Gabby hopes to continue empowering others to seek risk, seize the opportunity, and see the world. 


Somto – Somto Seeks


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Somto is a solo traveller and adventurous spirit. It’s her dream to 1. show others how to travel with ease without breaking the bank. And 2. teach people how to create location-independent businesses centred around their travel expertise. So they become their own bosses and work from anywhere.


Adriana – Travepreneur


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Adriana’s love of Spanish inspired her to study abroad as a first-generation college student. Once she graduated, she became motivated to assist students in their own study abroad and travel journey. While working full-time as the Assistant Director of International Programs at Presbyterian College, she inspires new travellers over at her blog.


Adebola – My Breaking Views


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Adebola is a travel blogger who aims to share tools, tips and tricks to get more black people to move abroad. She hopes My Breaking Views will encourage readers to escape their comfort zone and see the world.  And that her stories will push them to create their own rules and expectations for life.

She’s also the Co-Founder of Black Travel Creators – a community built to support creators of colour in the travel industry.


Johnny – Johnny’s Traventures


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Johnny is a travel blogger on a mission to explore the “small world” and make it bigger. Through sharing his own travelling experiences and interviewing others who have gone before him Johnny has coached himself to lead a more independent life. He hopes to shed some light on solo travel from a black male blogger perspective to encourage his readers to get out there and create their own adventures.


Sojourner – Sojournies


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Sojourner is an International Social Worker and travelling scholar who offers tips and resources on her blog ‘Sojournies’ to other students, professionals, or anyone interested in making travel part of their lives. Her adventures abroad started after studying abroad in Spain, then returning to teach English as a Fulbright Fellow.

Now, Sojourner is living up to her name all while pursuing her Master’s degree. Her adventures range from Mexico to Morocco and as she continues to grow as a student of life she encourages others to do the same.


Efia – Effy Talks Life


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And lastly, of course, this round up of black travel bloggers wouldn’t be complete without some shameless self-promo for the blog you’re reading right now. I’ve faced my fair share of adversities (becoming orphaned at 14, dealing with loss, battling anxiety and depression and sexual assault).  In coming out the other side I learned the challenges we face may slow down our dreams – but they don’t make them impossible. It’s now my mission to help other women push past their limiting beliefs so they can gain the confidence to travel solo.

On my blog you’ll find posts about: travel, digital nomad life, thought pieces and frank, overdue discussions about black travel and mental health.

I’m passionate about inspiring and empowering young women, like me, to take on everyday life with boundless courage. To live life, not just merely exist. Whether that means jetting off to the other side of the world or learning how to reconnect with yourself and discover your passions.

Whatever it is – you better believe I’m right here alongside you strapping in for the ride.


How can I support black travel bloggers?

If you’re a POC who wants to see change I strongly recommend getting involved in the black travel bloggers/black travel influencers community. Shout out your fellow brothers and sisters and help them rise to the top with you. Write blog posts, share their stories in vlogs and recommend other black travel bloggers to brands for partnerships. Share your own stories. Hold people accountable for any injustices you’ve faced. Continue to make waves even when it’s uncomfortable.

Brand partnerships can be mutually beneficial in a number of ways. But also consider creating your own products and offering your own services. The digital economy has experienced a HUGE shift in the past few years. As a black travel blogger, there’s never been a better time to be your own cheerleader.


Wait, what if I’m not black?

Even if don’t have a black travel blog you can still do all these things.

I can’t begin to describe how desperately black travel writers are needed. Both to share the realities of travelling while black, and also to inspire other black millennials to get out there.

Use your platform to highlight black travel influencers that inspire you. There are so many great black travel bloggers that deserve recognition. And I truly believe there is room for all of us. Although it takes a bit more work to get there.


Closing thoughts

If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post (which considering you got to the end is a good sign) I’d love for you to share it. It helps me to be able to write more posts and helps these incredible black travel bloggers to continue to spread their messages too. And if you want to add even more spice to your Instagram feed, come follow my Instagram profile for daily travel inspiration, tips and even more of the difficult conversations.

Got any black travel bloggers or black travel influencers you’d like to recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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