Big Turns Twenty-One…

So last week my big sister, Ama turned 21! We went out for a meal at Pizza Express on her actual birthday with a small but intimate group of friends which has been a long standing tradition in our family since I don’t even know when. 

I have a fond memory of a birthday as a child spent at Pizza Express where I had a raspberry ripple birthday ice cream with a candle in it instead of a cake. For my birthday last year my sister reenacted this with a vanilla ice cream at Zizzi’s. On this occasion I had the Da Morire pizza which was incredible and considering I don’t tend to eat/like pizza it was definitely up there with one of the best I’ve had.

Considering most of the group were recovering from hangovers or heading to work later on the birthday meal was quite tame, however that weekend was when the real fun started and we all headed out to Vodka Rev ridiculously early (7pm!!) for her masquerade themed night out.

The truth is… the masks were a really good idea to begin with but as the night crept on they just got in the way of activities. Later on that night as we headed to the club most of us were considerably less sober and lacking in the mask department.

We ended the night, or should I say morning, at Soul Casino where I spent an outrageous amount of money on steak and chips which it transpired I just didn’t have the stomach for. I sat wrapped in some kind mans blazer (it was so cold in there!) while my sister sat next to me happily drunk and delighted to be feeding her breakfast the boys on the table next to us.

Everyone though slightly to extremely worse for wear the next morning agreed it had been a great night which was especially true in the case of my sister who was lucky enough to win £100 at the casino!

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