Back to Life… Back to Reality

So now that my exams are over, and I’ve finally got some time to myself before I go back to uni I’ve got to thinking about what I would like to do this year. These aren’t New Years Resolutions as such but rather things that I would like to do this year, and can hopefully make happen.

Get fit

People assume because I’m slim that this must mean that I’m active and go to the gym, but this is not the case! While I eat reasonably healthily (7 times out of ten I would prefer a big salad over a chocolate cake!) and endeavour to have a home cooked meal everyday, physical health is something that just hasn’t caught on. There’s always been an excuse. Last year I was invited to join the athletics team and bought new trainers for the occasion and everything, but was too shy to turn up myself and sports bra shopping frustrated me. I was bought some exercise clothes for Christmas so now I really have no excuse not to. I’d really love to go to some yoga and pole classes but we’ll just have to see!

Get work

Whilst being at uni I’ve never really *needed* a job, but now that I want more things and to be able to save money for the future having a job is something I can’t really avoid. The past year I’ve had a series of temporary jobs (and still do!) which I mostly loved as they fitted in around uni and going to visit my boyfriend. However the thing about jobs on a temporary contract is they’re not reliable and there might are times when you could really do with the extra money and theres nothing for you. As I have a bit more free time on my hands this semester I’m going to aim to find something a bit more stable and save up some money which leads on to my next point.

Get around

Get around, round round I get around, do do dooo doooo. Great song but in all seriousness ever since I got back from Amsterdam, in fact not even that far – on the bus home from Amsterdam I’ve just had this overwhelming urge to see the world instilled in me. I’m desperate to explore everywhere and anywhere (well almost anywhere!) and just see the world. I have 50 euros left from Amsterdam which I optimistically haven’t changed back in to pounds yet. Fingers crossed this years the year for dreams coming true.

Get experience

In today’s job market doing a degree is pretty much worth nothing unless you have experience to back your claims. Last summer I did a three month internship with Appointedd which was an amazing experience that I’d do again in a heartbeat so I’m hoping to find something similar this year without conflicting too much with goals two and three!

I certainly don’t expect that all these things will happen, but oh a girl can work hard and dream. I’ll keep you updated!

What about you guys? What do you hope to achieve this year? Let me know!

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