Autumn Beauty Trends: #2 Face

Now this next trend is one that most of us struggle with – the bare face. If we wear too much make-up we look like we’re trying too hard but on the other end of the spectrum if we don’t wear enough people have a tendency to think (especially for the pale ones amongst us) we’re ill. Because being unwell is the only possible reason there could be for a naked face? No it’s not! Real people have uneven skin the odd blemish and God forbid sometimes even a spot or two.

So with this in mind the bare face is less of a trend more of a clever illusion. The trick is to wear make up – here’s the good bit – without looking like you’re actually wearing make up. This takes a skilled hand and a room with good, natural light. 

Remember that scene in Bridesmaids where Annie wakes up next to the guy she is… lets just say having a casual relationship with… and quickly goes and puts her make up on then gets back into bed and pretends thats how she always looks when she first wakes up? THAT ladies is what we are going for.

Personally I don’t wear foundation, now this isn’t because I have perfect skin it’s purely because A – when I started wearing make-up there were very few brands with dark foundation, especially where I lived anyway. The only foundation that was even remotely close to my skin colour was the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse and even then it had a tendency to make my skin look slightly pale and orange. And B – because I’m lazy and just can’t be bothered!

This being said if you do wear foundation one of the number essentials of the ‘bare face’ for you will be a good foundation. A foundation that suits you properly is unbeatable, it make your face look flawless and smooth and well, just amazing.

 To start your bare face cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin (I use The Body Shop Vitamin E range) OR use a good face wash and moisturiser. Then apply a face primer and blend your fail safe foundation on top. Next step is getting rid of those pesky dark circles with concealer which also doubles as a blemish cover up if you have any! 

Eyebrows frame the face and without them you just look, well, alien. Just as bad is bushy, unruly eyebrows which take over your whole face and threaten to give Chewbacca a run for his money. Use an eyebrow gel (I use Collection, formerly Collection 2000, Colour Lash Clear Mascara which is a steal at £1.99!) to tame those bad boys and if necessary use powder and an eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps, but lightly does it we’re trying to look au natural darling!

Now your eyebrows are tamed and your face is looking flawless there are only two things left do! Coat your lashes with one coat of mascara and add moisture to your lips with a slick of lip balm. Finally spritz your face with a toner or face mist ( I use The Body Shop Vitamin E face mist) to set your make up and keep your face fresh!

To take this trend into night all you would need to do is add some bright lipstick which will really make your face pop. Or why not kill two trends with one face and opt for vampy lips to complete your look?

What about you guys? How would you take this look from day to night? Are you brave enough to face the world with no make up at all? Let me know!