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Hey, I’m Efia! I created Effy Talks Life to empower women just like you *yes, you* to solo travel the world with confidence and #makelifeanadventure. On this blog, you’ll find a TONNE of useful resources, destination guides and advice. For exclusive travel tips, updates and your very own FREE solo travel bucket list be sure to leave your details below.

Who runs Effy Talks Life?

Hey, I’m Efia (nicknamed Effy or Ef) and I’m obsessed with travel. If you’re here, I hate to break it to you but there’s a good chance you might be too. After five years at uni spent driving my self into the ground I had a nervous breakdown. I was miserable, depressed and had no idea what I wanted to do in my life.

I realised to move forward something had to change.

So deciding to face my fears head-on I set off on a solo travel adventure to the other side of the world. A year and a half later I’m still going, and have no plans of stopping any time soon. Travel is truly my passion and wherever in the world I am you can find me floating around at music festivals and wolfing down delicious food. At the time of writing I’m living in Melbourne, Australia – but for more timely (and visual!) updates check out my Instagram!

What’s your blog about?

On my blog you’ll find posts about: travel, lifestyle, thought pieces and frank, overdue discussions about mental health.

I’m passionate about inspiring and empowering young women, like me, to take on everyday life with boundless courage. To live life, not just merely exist in a prison of our own design. Whether that means jetting off to the other side of the world or learning how to reconnect with yourself and discover your passions. Whatever it is – you better believe I’m right here alongside you strapping in for the ride.


Can we work together?

Sounds like a plan! Head to my Work With Me page to learn more about some of the brands I’ve worked with and the services I offer.

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