A Letter to My First Year Self

Dear Young Efia (and no it’s not patronising for me to call you this as I am you in the future),

You are about to embark on the four craziest years of your life so far. Possibly ever. During your first few weeks in Aberdeen you will despise the place with every fibre of your being, but it will grow on you. Believe it or not one day you will start referring to this grey city as home.

Spend less time worrying about having friends. It’s difficult to meet people when you’re not yet allowed to drink and all everyone else wants to do is go out and get wasted. Your time will come and you certainly won’t hold back on making up for lost time. On your first night out DO NOT wear your beautiful purple shoes. You will ruin them and forever live to regret it.

Soon after you move in you’re going to meet someone in a chance encounter, and she is going to become your best friend. You’ll later look back on this time with a great deal of fondness and wish you spent more time with her, because you meet a boy and start spending all your time with him instead. Unfortunately this isn’t to last.

You will go through a series of jobs working in nightclubs. This will be great fun, but don’t spend all your time worrying about petty dramas. Because they are just that – petty.

You will drink more than you should and from time to time you will make a fool of yourself. You will fall in love and you will fall back out again. You will make some friends for life, and you will also meet some people that luckily you will never have to see again. Most of all you will have the time of your life and the mistakes you make will all be a part of that. 

I’ll be waiting for you on the other side,

Lots of love,

Ps – I really mean it about those shoes.

What about you guys? What would you say to yourself in your first year Would you change anything? Let me know!

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