Wednesday, 20 April 2016

3 Breakthrough Lessons from my 6 Month Blogging Break

When you take a blogging break there’s always a worry that you’re going to lose your spark and your imagination. The parts that make you, well, you and that make your writing worth giving a shit about.

In my 6 month blogging break I had many of those moments of fleeting self-doubt that caught me off guard. But the best part about those moments of fear is that I learned important lessons about myself in the process.

As you develop so does your writing

I look back at some of my earliest posts and cringe. I’m very critical of my own work, which can work both for and against me. Over the past year I’ve really come in to my own in terms of my writing. Having graduated last year and now on my second degree with years of experience behind me I feel confident creating content for other people. Most importantly, I can express myself freely without worrying about the validity of my own opinion.

I love to discover new blogs 

When I was blogging all the time I often got so caught up in the writing that I felt I had no time for reading. In hindsight I did - I just had poor time management. In my blogging break I’ve discovered so many incredible new blogs by just lurking (yes, lurking) on the sidelines.

I was selling myself short

I love writing. I always have done and always will. But there are times when I don’t think I was writing to the best of my ability. I was writing because I felt guilty that I hadn’t posted, or because I was comparing myself to other bloggers. Seriously, you guys that post once a day? I still haven’t cracked the code. Hats off to you, but that isn’t me and it’s taken me a long time to realise that my own style and pace is enough. Maybe even more than enough. In fact, maybe actually good.

What about you guys? Have you ever taken a break from blogging? What did you learn? Let me know!

Psst – I’m now also writing over at The Digital Scot as part of my Masters, check it out for all things digital marketing-y.

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  1. Michelle Hung9 May 2018 at 04:03

    This post spoke to me - I totally agree with you on the break. I needed to take a break because I was falling out of love with the blog and even considering quitting. But i realised that I kept comparing myself to other blogs and I had to think back to why I started my blog.

    6months is a long time to take a break! Glad your back and looking forward to your posts x

  2. effytalkslife9 May 2018 at 04:03

    I think it's best if you're not feeling it to just take some time. Glad you got back in to it. I know! So long but between uni and life I think it was definitely needed. Thank you!


  3. Francesca Nelson9 May 2018 at 04:03

    Oh my goodness this whole post!!! Its all so true! I also cringe at things I'd written in the past so much so that I can't continue reading sometimes haha! And definitley how do other bloggers post everyday!? I'm a mum of two and also have a small business on the side as well as blogging so posting every single day just seems impossible! Its so hard not to compare yourself to other bloggers but I now try to tune that out and make the best out of what I can do without pushing myself to the limit and still enjoy the writting experience!

  4. effytalkslife9 May 2018 at 04:03

    Thank you! Me too haha, it's a trip down memory lane I'd rather not take. I guess it's nice to see how far you've come though. Honestly, think some bloggers are superhuman. Very impressive! Seems like you have a lot going on so hats off to you. Yes, we're all so different that comparisons can't really be made, but we all do it anyway!


  5. I took a break as well and I could related so much with what you posted. I think some of the daily bloggers don't have school or work fulltime, or some perhapes wrote out 2 months worth of posts then scheduled them out. That's one of my goals. Although I can't commit to writing daily, I'm doing my best for twice a week. I truly adore your blog and I'm so happy I found it.


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