My Favourite Christmas Adverts 2013

favourite christmas adverts 2013 john lewis

One thing that always interests me around this time of year is the effect that Christmas themed ads have on us. To the point where people will say ‘It’s not Christmas until the Coke adverts out’ or ‘It’s not Christmas until the John Lewis advert is out’. Call me Scrooge but to me it’s not Christmas until the night before.

 Despite this, I do enjoy the Christmas TV adverts so have decided to share my favourites of the year! And before the horrified gasps ensue – I didn’t include John Lewis – bite me.

Marks And Spencer

This is arguably my favourite Christmas advert of 2013 (so far). Aside from the fact David Gandy, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Helena Bonham Carter are just fabulous, which in itself is a major factor, I really love the whole magical element to it.

 The products are showcased without being too in your face and it’s FUN. Does it make me think damn I want to go out and buy my Christmas dinner from Marks and Spencer? No, but it’s clever and leaves a lasting impression. It’s refreshing to see Marks and Spencer take a risk and appeal to a younger market and I definitely think it paid off for them.


I’ve read quite a few criticisms on this advert, but it still makes it to my favourites list. People are quick to dismiss Tescos just for being Tescos however I think they’ve managed to create a really effective Christmas ad this year. Using the tried and tested formula of ‘family matters’ this nostalgic look at one family’s Christmases through the decades is sure to hit home to anyone who has half a heart.


I think what sets this apart from my other favourite 2013 Christmas adverts is the modern take. Can you name many other Christmas ads whose main star is a Northerner in a hoodie?  I like that this advert is humorous and playful yet still staying true to the overall ‘Christmas message’. Admittedly not sure when I was his age I could afford expensive bottles of perfume,, but despite this it’s a likable, concise advert.


Last but not least for my favourite Christmas adverts of 2013… Lidl! Who doesn’t love a bit of food porn right? Only thirty seconds but that’s more than enough to get our taste buds going in anticipation of a Lidl themed Christmas dinner.

 Given that this is Lidl’s first attempt at a Christmas advert I think it went pretty well. It certainly doesn’t appeal to our emotions but Christmas dinner can make or break your day so it’s important to get it right and their decadent feast certainly got my tummy rumbling!

What about you guys? What are your favourite Christmas adverts of 2013 so far? Let me know!

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