On the Road Again

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Recently I’ve said goodbye to my home for the past year. I know a year doesn’t sound like a lot but when you’re student it feels like you’re forever moving house so to have somewhere to call home for a whole year is a pretty big deal, at least I think so!

I’ve moved out of my third house full of boys and into a cute little two bed flat with one other girl. Yes, there is make-up, clothes and pink things everywhere. And for the boys reading, no we don’t have naked pillow fights. It’s a big change (not the lack of naked pillow fighting, the situation itself) but so far I’m pretty happy with it.

On my last day I spent the evening in my empty room curled up in bed reminiscing about the good times and deciding which take away to order. I have this thing where I have to watch a TV programme or film with my food if I’m eating alone. I have no idea why this is, but I just have to do it.

On this particular occasion I remembered I had some vouchers sent over from the lovely Lauren over at Blinkbox* for a few films/tv programmes of my choice, so I decided to head on over and see what the fuss was about/find something to watch before my takeaway arrived. 

For those of you who don’t know – Blinkbox is an online movie/ tv programme streaming site without the hassle of subscription.Within five minutes I’d settled on ‘Red’ after using the sites useful ‘best sellers’ feature and snooping around to see what everyone else had been watching. Again within minutes I’d entered my details, popped in the voucher and was well on my way to being tucked up in bed with my film when *boom* disaster struck. I can’t remember the message exactly but it was something to the tune of ‘YOU CANT WATCH THIS ON CHROME IF YOU’RE USING A MACBOOK’.

By then I was in a bit of a huff as my takeaway was running thirty minutes late, and trust me, you do not want to be around me when I’m hungry. Fortunately I was able to watch the film with no hassle on Safari after downloading a programme called Microsoft Silverlight, though dubious at first this was a pretty easy process and I was soon settling down with my takeaway (hoorah!) and the film.

I have to admit I didn’t like Red. It bored me so about half way through I switched to Salmon Fishing in the Yemen which was a waaaay better fit for me.

So incase you’re thinking of watching movies online with Blinkbox – here’s the low down.

Pros +

Quick sign up, hardly had to give any details

For someone who’s indecisive like me finding something to watch is made easy

Good visual and sound quality

Reasonably priced

Loads of recent films

Shows reviews of films

Streamed almost seamlessly with only one 5 second pause

Cons –

The films I chose weren’t HD quality

A shame I couldn’t watch on Chrome but hopefully this will change soon

I’ve only used the iTunes store for films in the past but I definitely would recommend using Blinkbox, especially if you’re a student like myself and don’t have a television. And as an added bonus it isn’t illegal so there’s no fear of being charged a bajillion pounds for otherwise acquiring films, we all know what I’m talking about!

Have you used Blinkbox? How was your experience with it? Let me know!

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