Monsters University

So last week I dragged my friend Rob to the cinema with me to see Monsters University. I must admit I didn’t really have high hopes for it but I was having cinema withdrawal symptoms and it was Orange Wednesday’s so there was really no excuse not to go.

 As I always I met Rob right on time *cough* ten minutes late (in my defence I couldn’t remember where I had put my keys!) but despite this we arrived at the cinema in plenty of time, so I loaded up on the cinema snacks. I always feel slightly robbed when buying things from the cinema but popcorn elsewhere just isn’t the same!

On to the film itself…

If you’ve been living in a cave for the past year and haven’t had the chance to watch a trailer the film is basically a prequel to Monsters Inc and shows you how Mike and Sully met, their life at college and how they got to where they are today. I don’t really want to give too much away incase you haven’t seen it yet but it really was a brilliant watch. 

I genuinely just couldn’t stop laughing and between my own laughing fits I sneaked some peeks at Rob who although wasn’t as vocal, was clearly enjoying it just as much as I was. Of course Mike and Sully were and always have been hilarious but there are some familiar characters, and also some new ones, who were at risk of stealing the show.

If I had to pick a fault I would say in some places I felt it might be getting a little predictable, but I have to admit I was surprised by the final outcome which is great because to be honest films just don’t surprise me any more.

I’m a total kid at heart so this was right up my street but honestly I think that this film could be enjoyed by all ages and I have several friends who have been to see it more than once! If you get a chance to see it before it leaves the cinema you won’t regret it, trust me.

What about you guys? Have you seen it yet? Did you enjoy it? Let me know!

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