Welcome to EffyTalksLife, let's get started with some introductions!

Who runs this blog?

My name's Efia (nicknamed Effy or Ef) and I'm an MSc Digital Marketing student and Media graduate. I love to travel and I get excited by music festivals and delicious food. If I can combine the three even better! After reading countless blogs & watching several Youtube videos, I was fascinated by the idea of sharing a piece of your life online & thought why not create a space of my own? And so back in the summer of 2012 EffyTalksLife was born.

What's your blog about?

Whilst I don't have an endless supply of money I try to make the most out of my student budget & certainly don't let it affect my lifestyle! On my blog you'll find recipes, reviews, travel, beauty, words of wisdom & my questionable sense of humor making an appearance at random intervals (now would be a good time to virtually run!) 

Can you share a random fact?

If you're still here and reading, this is a good sign and means I haven't scared you away yet. Yet being the operative word. Among my many skills my most notable achievements are being able to fit my entire fist in my mouth & being ridiculously accident prone. Seriously, this one time (not at band camp) I split my head open by jumping too close to a wall. I'm that bad.

So after all this information if you're not sure where to get started - why not check out some of my most popular posts?

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