Welcome to Effy Talks Life - let's get started with some introductions!

Who runs this blog?

My name's Efia (nicknamed Effy or Ef) and I'm an MSc Digital Marketing and BA (hons) Media grad. After five years absorbing all the learns I could I set off on an adventure to the other side of the world and fourteen months later I'm still going.

I love to travel and I get excited by music festivals and delicious food. If I can combine the three even better! After reading countless blogs & watching several Youtube videos, I was fascinated by the idea of sharing a piece of your life online & thought why not create a space of my own? And so back in the summer of 2012 Effy Talks Life was born.

What's your blog about?

These days? A little bit of everything. On my blog you'll find recipes, reviews, travel, beauty, words of wisdom & my questionable sense of humour making an appearance at random intervals (now would be a good time to virtually run!) 

Where in the world are you?

At the time of writing I'm in Bali, Indonesia but for more timely and visual updates check out my Instagram.

Can you share a random fact?

If you're still here and reading, this is a good sign and means I haven't scared you away yet. Yet being the operative word. Among my many skills my most notable achievements are being able to fit my entire fist in my mouth & being ridiculously accident prone. 

So after all this information if you're not sure where to get started - why not check out some of my most popular posts?

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