Quote of The Week: Inception

Friday, 31 August 2012

I know the weeks not through yet but I absolutely love this quote one of the best lines in Inception delivered by the one and only Tom Hardy. It's not only a great quote, but also a brilliant life philosophy. Why dream small when you can dream big?

What about you guys? What are your favourite quotes this week and do you like this one?

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August Wishlist: Back to Uni

Thursday, 30 August 2012

1. Miss Selfridge, cable knit jumper (£37) // 2. Topshop, petite cross leggings (£20) // 3. Gucci, Guilty Eau de Toilette (£47) // 4. Monsoon, Louise boot (£60) // 5. H&M, Coloured blazer (£30)

In a couple of weeks I'll be back at uni so I thought I'd share with you my little wish list!

When I've got an early morning lecture all I want to do is skulk off back to bed and spend as little time getting ready as possible. These Topshop leggings are the perfect comfort wear and teamed with the cable knit jumper make for a super quick outfit that is perfect for Autumn and can be pulled together in a matter of minutes. While I love the Topshop leggings, my sister bought some dupes off eBay for half the price so I am probably more likely to get those!

 I absolutely adore this blazer and it's probably one of the things I'm most likely to buy. It totally makes this outfit pop and will go with so many things I already own. As for the boots, if I ever come into possession of these babies I just know I'll wear them all the time and if they have grippy soles then maybe I can justify buying them as I can make good use of them in the Winter time too!

Finally, with my birthday coming up I'm really hoping someone will be kind enough to buy me the Gucci Guilty perfume. It smells absolutely devine and if I had the money spare I'd have bought it already. In the meantime my sister has a bottle so I'll just keep using hers when we see each other until I get my own!

What is on your wish list for going back to college/uni/school? Do we have any of the same things on our lists?

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Review: Stitches Be Crazy - Turquoise Skull Earrings

Aren't these just the most beautiful earrings you ever laid eyes on? Lovingly crafted by Becky Ford, I was delighted to get my hands on these babies. And might I add the only person too! Each pair of earrings Becky makes are one off pieces, so although there may be similarities in other pairs each set is unique. For £7.50 + £1.50 p+p they're such great value and even better knowing no one else will have them!

What's good about these earrings also is that they're relatively light so don't weigh down your ears and the skulls make for an edgy finish on girly outfits.

To buy similar earrings or browse her other jewellery click here or join the Facebook group 'Stitches Be Crazy'.

I will try and put a photo up of me wearing them so you can see how i'd style them and what they look like on. In the meantime can you guys recommend some good boutique jewellery shops and what do you think of these?

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Here's Looking at You, Kid.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

University for many is the next and also the most important chapter of their whole, yes whole, life.

It's a time when you are no longer a teenager, but not quite yet an adult. And although you're released into the big bad world it's just getting your toes wet in the grand scheme of things.

This is my advice and reflection on my time at university so far.

It's not what you expect. When people think of uni it's always cliched images of students spending their entire time either drunk or hungover. And although this is largely true it's important to study and embark on other experiences too! Join (and attend!) as many societies as you find interesting. They are great ways to meet people and look good on your CV too. Don't discount getting a part-time job either, the money comes in VERY handy and depending on where you work so do the staff discounts!

It's not for everyone, but give it a chance. In my first year at uni I came across quite a few people who dropped out. It is not 'shameful' or 'throwing your life away' uni really isn't everyone's cup of tea. That being said, don't drop out on your first week because you're a little bit homesick. 

My first week was horrendous I had no friends, no one in my flat talked to me or even showed their face and I had pizza three nights in a row for my dinner. I'd moved all the way to Aberdeen which was four hours away from my hometown, none of my friends had moved there and I was really reconsidering whether I'd made the right choice. As it turns out I did make the right choice and after the first few weeks things picked up. 

Be friendly and talkative. No one ever made friends by hiding away in their room keeping themselves to themselves. Uni is your time to reinvent yourself so if you were shy in school now is your chance! Incidentally I knew a girl exactly like this. She barely talked at school, had very few friends and by the end of her first month at university she had a boyfriend and probably more friends than I did! 

Anyway... your first week is vital friend accumulation time, every second is precious so you must be prepared at all times (I made my first friend in halls in the lift - think outside the box)! Sharing is the surest way to go about doing this. Have a slice of pizza left over? Give it away. Bought a litre of vodka? Offer your flatmates some shots. Went to a great club the night before? Tell everyone where it is. Bottom line people love free stuff and everyone loves friendly people.

I remember when I met my first and only flatmate friend (I was the only girl in a flat of mostly unfriendly/shy boys). I was standing next to the fridge with the door open and I saw a pair of legs walk in that I didn't recognise. I thought if I didn't act then this could be my only hope of having a friend at uni gone so I was probably a bit over eager the first couple of days nevertheless that was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Keep track of your money. It is incredibly easy to go around spending money on your credit or debit card without actually ever knowing how much you've spent until a good few weeks after you've done it. I am guilty of this which is why I am warning you before it's too late. Make a budget. It sounds so boring but you will get used to it and learn to love it. It makes life so much easier and saves you from getting in debt, if you can't be bothered starting from scratch have a go at using a student budget calculator

Another great way to keep track of your money is by not spending what you don't have. Banks try to lure you in with promises of no interest and little freebies if you sign up with them, but do you really need an overdraft? I managed to survive first year without one so I'm sure you could too!

Work with what your momma gave you. Now I'm not saying if you're good looking you should go sell your body on the street corner for a bite of a kebab, but batting your eyelids a little does get you places. In a relatively small city like Aberdeen it's easy to get to know people. My sister and my best friend Kate instantly spring to mind as I say this. I don't think I have ever been out with them without them stopping or being stopped by someone be it a club bouncer or a taxi driver. It pays to get to know people. Free club entry, free drinks and food discounts are just a few of the freebies you could be looking at. If you have the gift of the gab it doesn't hurt to talk your way out of paying, or into a venue.

Most of all remember to have fun most people only get to go through uni once so make the most out of it. If this is your first year good luck and I wish you all the best, let me know how it goes! If you're already there or considering going drop me a line anyway. How was your first week? What are you looking forward to? Any funny stories?!

Image credit: fotopedia & freefoto

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Hello, Hola, Bonjour!

HELLO and welcome to my blog!

I'm so excited to finally get started and thought to get things going i'd give you a quick recap of my summer so far!

I finished (and passed!) my first year at uni...

I made some great new friends, did some partying and a bit of studying too.

I went home for a visit...

It was really nice to see everyone again, especially as I hadn't seen some friends from home in over six months. We drank lots (probably too much) and reminisced about the good old days. 

I went to Beach Break Live, a lovely student music festival set in Wales...

It rained practically the entire time apart from our last day, when it was baking hot, which meant we got a chance to go and play on the beach! Me and my friend Becky shared a four man tent between us and my sister and her friend Lilly had a three man each but by the second day they ended up coming to stay with us because their cheap little tents could not withstand even a drop of rain! The train journey back was a nightmare and nobody had any money left on the last day so I had to lend everybody some but all in all it was a great time and I can't wait to go back next year!

And finally got to spend a lot of time with my boyfriend (we don't get to see each other much as we are a seven hour train ride away!)... 

We ate out a lot and managed to see what felt like all the new films going in the cinema at the time. He moved house (twice!!) and I organised some fun nights for us and some of our friends.

Had a great summer so far and I am heading off to Bestival next week, but I can't wait to go back to Aberdeen and move into my new flat and see everyone again. As weird as it sounds I miss uni too. I've had a five month break and can't wait to get my head back in the game. Have some really interesting sounding modules this year (Documentary Discourse and Practice I am talking about you!) so hopefully it will be a good semester.

What about you guys? What have been the highlights of your summer and when do your holidays end?

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