5 Ways to Save Money in NYC

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

5 Ways to Save Money in NYC
A few months ago I was granted the opportunity to visit America in an adventure that beats any other I've had in my life so far (I have a tremendous backlog of posts I need to write for this). During my ten weeks in The States I learnt a lot about America and it's culture, about travelling and also how not to bankrupt myself whilst having the experience of a lifetime. I finished my trip in New York, which was incredible, but also conveniently the most expensive of my American destinations. On my shoestring budget I still managed to have a fantastic time so keep reading for my 5 ways to save money in NYC so you can too!
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Top 3 Reasons to Visit San Diego

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I've been living and working in San Diego for almost two months now and the time has sped by. This city continues to grown on me and the more time I spend here the more things I find to do that make me appreciate it even more. If you're planning a trip to America you just have to visit, and while it's not in as many films as New York or Vegas this beautiful beach city still has a hell of a lot to offer and to prove it I've compiled my top 3 reasons to visit San Diego in to one handy blog post.

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Travel Diaries #5: The Golden State

the golden state highway one
Let's pick up where we left off shall we... When I wrote my travel diaries last I was settling in to a motel for the night in the little Californian town of San Louis Obispo and you'll be glad to know I survived the night, which did not live up to my horror film expectations. That morning the other San Diego interns and I left early to make our way down to San Francisco and eventually to San Carlos for a Saltire Foundation alumni barbecue that evening. 
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Sumptuously Saucy Peri-Peri Wings

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

sumptuously saucy peri-peri wings
Since I've been in America I've been on the hunt for those all famous chicken wings everyone seems to talk about. I'm a massive fan of chicken wings, and there's nothing that quite screams summer like some hot wings sizzling away on a barbecue wafting delicious smells through your back yard, while you eagerly wait with cider in hand and paper plate at the ready. If you agree or if I've at least stirred up some temptation you're in the right place. I've concocted a delicious recipe for sumptuously saucy Peri-Peri wings and do you know what the best part is? The whole thing costs under five pounds. Genius.
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Travel Diaries #4: Sun, Sushi and Santa Barbara

Monday, 30 June 2014

group sushi
This weekend the other interns and I decided to hit the road and go on our first all-American road trip, leaving behind our cushy apartment in San Diego (more on that later) to make our way up the Californian coast to San Carlos for a barbecue with a few stops, and a motel stay, along the way. Despite our excellent combined planning skills we somehow failed to anticipate the ridiculous traffic heading into LA, even at our bright and early time of twelve in the afternoon. Another thing we failed to anticipate was the dramatic increase in temperature between San Diego and LA and as a result of our poor judgement Jose and I divided the majority of the ride between melting into our seats and trying to nap away the pain.  A few hours into the journey we decided to get some relief and headed to a sushi place just off the freeway for lunch.
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